D*S 10th Anniversary: 10 Months of Giving Back (and Give Aways!)

by Grace Bonney

If you’d tapped me on my shoulder during my lunch break 10 years ago and told me that the little blog I started as a hobby would one day be my full time job and support all of my biggest creative dreams, I would have laughed and gone back to sneaking peppermint patties from my top desk drawer. But somehow, that wild idea has become my reality. Even as I write this I can feel the tingling in my fingers that comes from being truly excited about something. And not just excited but gratefuloh so grateful. This site has been my home, my family, my source of inspiration and excitement, my greatest challenge, my dearest friend and the place where I constantly return to connect with the people and things I love so much.

This August marks the 10th year of Design*Sponge and in some ways, it still feels like the first. I’m still writing about chairs and vases I love, still living in Brooklyn and still getting just excited to crack open a new can of paint as I was in my first apartment back on Franklin street. But for me, D*S is like my absolute favorite pair of sneakers. They’re perfectly worn in, trusted, timeless and they’ve seen a lot. Over the past 10 years we’ve raised over $40,000 for design students, written a 400 page book, started a national series for creative business advice, taught classes and consulted with small business owners, started a holiday bazaar on the west coast, hosted a radio show, worked with some of my design idols, spoken with amazing design students and designers and, the thing about which I’m most proud, we’ve been able to work with and support the finest team of writers, makers and artists I’ve ever known. I never could have dreamed of this job, but now it’s the only job I could ever dream of having. And to say thank you to the community, new and old friends alike, I want to extend our 10 years of gratitude back to you in a series of gifts and giveaways that are intended to celebrate the readers, artists and organizations we love so much.

Over the next 10 months, you’ll be receiving beautiful (free!) gifts like downloadable artwork, screensavers and organizing tools from some of the most talented artists around. We’ll also be hosting a series of carefully curated (non-sponsored) giveaways design to celebrate a few chosen brands we have trusted and believed in over the past decade. They’ll be giving away the products we personally use and swear by in our own homes, in addition to some fantastic insider decorating advice.

Most importantly, in addition to the giveaways we’ll be doing for all of you, we’ll also be giving back to a different charity every month. We’ll tell you a bit about each one, why we love and support them and will be raising money (as well as donating our own) to support their cause and others like them. This is one big year of celebrating the community that we love in every way we possibly can. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the big surprises and gifts we have coming this year and to kick things off, I’m resurrecting 2010’s popular desktop wallpaper series. But this year we’ll also be providing a cell phone wallpaper version as well. This month’s design was created by the incredibly talented Helen Dealtry. Thank you so much to Helen for creating this for us and for sharing it with the community. Click HERE to download this month’s designs.

Thank you to all of you for reading. I hope we’re here for another 10 years sharing their things that inspire us, but for now, I, along with the rest of our team, am living in the moment and really taking a moment to sit back and enjoy the community that we’re so honored to write about here on D*S every day. Thank you to the artists and makers who inspire us and to the readers and bloggers who share their lives, ideas and challenges online. I couldn’t have imagined a community like this 10 years ago, but I’m so glad I can now. With much love and gratitude, Grace.

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  • Congratulations, Grace!!! This is a tremendous milestone. I hope very much that you and the D*S team are here in another 10 years too. But in the meantime, I’ll be keep close watch over all the fun celebrations you have planned for the next 10 months. Sounds like it’s going to be a stellar year!

  • I’m a fairly new regular reader to D*S. I remember coming across this blog occasionally a few years ago but I didn’t start visiting it regularly til about 1.5-2 years ago. I had not realised that D*S have been here for 10 years, what an amazing achievement! Congratulations Grace, and I hope the blog and site continues to flourish as I really enjoy reading the content here, and it’s a constant source of inspiration for me. Thank you and all the best for this year!

  • Congrats on the milestone! I love the idea of giving to a new charity each month and I can’t wait to learn about the ones you choose! Seeing design blogs used in such a positive way is so inspiring :)

  • Many congratulations for a long-time reader! I am excited to see what happens in the next ten years for Design*Sponge!

  • Many congratulations from a long-time reader! I am excited to see what happens in the next ten years for Design*Sponge!

  • I came across your site over 6 yrs ago and love how much it has grown and matured as I have grown and matured. As it has been since the day I first saw DS, it is still a daily source for beauty, creativity and exploration. Thanks so much for sharing with us this past decade during the good and the not so grand, it’s an honor to be a part of this community! Congratulations on your little family and may the creative flow never ebb! Cheers to another decade!

  • I only discovered blogs about 4.5 years ago… so you have been around for a long time!! Congratulations!!!

  • Many congratulations Grace and the D*S team! A huge milestone, and I look forward to continue reading your blog for many more years to come! All the best to you in 2014 Design Sponge team! xo

  • Your story is inspiring, and your humility is so refreshing! After seeing several “big” blogs take off, D*S is one I always come back to for the content and the fact that I leave feeling inspired, not depressed about how my space/style is not up to par. I’m a “lifer” for sure:)

  • Congratulations, Grace, to you and your whole team! 10 years is an impressive accomplishment, and so is all that you’ve been able to build and achieve in that time. And a big thank you for exploring more wallpapers – I’m still in love with Deanne Cheuk‘s offerings from years ago (one of them has been my twitter background since the day I first tweeted). All the best and keep up the amazing work.

  • congratulations! i’m so glad everything has gone so well
    for you and that blogging has fulfilled many dreams and given you
    something to be passionate about. I still enjoy reading
    Design*sponge posts since i subscribed in 2008. I think i was a
    post on decorating manila folders that pulled me in!
    Congratulations on 10 years!

  • I am a new reader of your WONDERFUL blog.You inspire me to create.Congratulations on 10 years.Here is to 10 more years of blogging.

  • These wallpapers are just beautiful! I adore the whole series though, so picking just one will be the real challenge!

    And of course, congratulations on ten years and even more so on letting your creative passion lead your life to the direction you took. It isn’t easy to move from a desk job to a full time blogger, so kudos for you for making it happen and still loving it! Happy new year!

  • Wow. Ten Years! ….Whoosh! I think I recall the origins, maybe? A polka dot blogger background, and from the start…a contagious enthusiasm. Truly, a Sponge in the most awesome sense of the word!

    This blog has always stood out as a place with clear vision, a progressive, open voice that is willing to step beyond cosmetics, and an inspiring commitment to creating a real, authentic, thoughtful and warm vibe, in a digital world.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. And, congratulations! : )

  • Many congrats on 10 years! I love that you’re giving to charity, too. I can’t think of any other sites that have done that- it’s really impressive. Love from a loyal and longtime fan!

  • Congratulations Grace!
    Just yesterday after getting home from my desk job I thought about writing a post asking if there is anyone out there who isn’t always wishing the work days away and dreaming of the weekend, if anyone has a job they truly enjoy going to, then I read this.
    You give me so much hope for the future. Thank you for being so inspiring and honest, and creating such an amazing community to look up to.

    You are the best.