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DIY Project: Plexi Accent Shelf

by Grace Bonney

Plexi Accent Shelf 8
I love when supplies are as pretty by themselves as they are functional for a project, and I have a lot of supplies that fall into this category. My favorite and most-used among them is my collection of twines. This acrylic accent shelf project is the perfect little addition for displaying these or any other lovely little items — adding a bit of sparkle but otherwise disappearing. And because the hardware store will be doing most of the work on this one, you’ll be shocked by how easy it is. –Mandy Pellegrin

Plexi Accent Shelf 10

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-1/2″ thick plexi
-12 – wooden beads
-Gold spraypaint
-2 – 8″ wood screws

-electric drill

You can have plexiglass cut to size at your local hardware store, or you can order it in custom cut sizes from many online providers (I use this site). Mine is cut to 5.5″ x 22″. The 1/2″ thickness also makes it sturdy. I got my wood screws from the hardware aisle at my local hardware store. They’re made for heavy duty wood projects like decks, fences, and squares. My pack of 12 also came with a drill bit specifically for them.


1. Spraypaint the wooden beads gold.

Plexi Accent Shelf 1
Plexi Accent Shelf 2

2. Put six beads on each of two wood screws.

3. Drill the beaded screws into your wall. It may help to first drill pilot holes with a
smaller drill bit. I also highly recommend locating studs in which to drill them, and because the screws themselves are the brackets, use the level on the top of your drill to ensure that you’re drilling them in perfectly straight.

Plexi Accent Shelf 3
Plexi Accent Shelf 4

4. Place the plexi on top of the brackets.

Note: These shelves are lightweight, so I absolutely do not recommend storing heavy items on them. I have a set of two on which I store twines and cans of spraypaint. They’ve been in place for almost three months now with no issues whatsoever.

Plexi Accent Shelf 5

Plexi Accent Shelf 6

Plexi Accent Shelf 7

Plexi Accent Shelf 9

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