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DIY Project: Leather Organizer

by Grace Bonney

Leather Organizer 7
Leather has become one of my favorite materials with which to work. Even though tracking it down can feel like a pain (although I’ve shared some tips below), working with leather is sort of a dream. It’s super durable. It has many of the creative flexibilities of fabric but…no fraying! And the textures are amazing. While this project creates a practical storage system for mail and notes, its real value is in its showcase of three lovely leather textures and colors. (And, if leather isn’t your thing, vinyl is a great alternative with almost all the same benefits!) Mandy Pellegrin

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-wood plank
-brass nails/escutcheon pins

-utility knife
-cutting surface

My wood plank is a 1×8 cut down to 20″. If woodworking isn’t your thing, the hardware store will happily cut it down for you. If you need leather, Etsy is a wonderful place to source samples and scraps for small craft projects like this one. The brass nails/escutcheon pins are an easy find in the hardware aisle of your local hardware store.

Leather Organizer 1


1. Depending on the size of your plank and leather, you may need to cut your leather to size using a utility knife, ruler, and cutting surface. My plank is about 7.25″ wide, so I cut my leather to 6.5″ wide by 10″ tall.

Leather Organizer 2

2. Begin to attach the storage pockets to the wood by laying the first piece of leather face down an inch or so from the top edge of the plank. Hammer a brass nail into place at the top center of the leather. To avoid smashing your fingers, hold the nail in place with a set of pliers.

Leather Organizer 3
Leather Organizer 4

3. Fold the leather in half, and secure each of the top corners with nails.

Leather Organizer 5

4. Repeat with the other two pieces of leather ensuring to evenly space the pockets.

Leather Organizer 8

Leather Organizer 9

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