Design*Sponge Yard Sale + Best of the Web

Design*Sponge Yard Sale! 1/18/14

Over the past month or two, we’ve been quietly working on (much needed) a Design*Sponge office makeover. We’re going post the process and big reveal soon, but in the meantime, we’re ready to clean house. From artwork and props to furniture, rugs, accessories, tableware and paper goods, we have a ton of beautiful things that we feel ready to pass to loving homes. So a week from Saturday (on January 18th) we’re hosting a yard sale in our office! From 12-4 we’ll be there with snacks and plenty of design goodies (and some extra copies of the DS Newspaper!) to welcome anyone who’s looking for some new goods to dress up their home. The details are below– hope to see you there! xo, grace

Design*Sponge Yard Sale!
Date: January 18th, 2014
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Location: 61 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (look for the signs on the door!)
Travel: G train to Greenpoint Avenue

This week, we’re also redoing the way we end our weeks. In addition to sharing our favorite posts from Design*Sponge, we’re going to be sharing our favorite social media updates, links and stories from across the web. From must-read business advice and inspiring homes to funny stories (and a cat video or two) that you’ve got to see over the weekend. I hope you enjoy our picks for Best of the Web!

Our favorite posts and social media from around the web this week:

Our favorite posts and social media from Design*Sponge this week:


Are you planning on listing whatever is leftover from the sale (if there is anything) online, for people who are not in NY? Just curious! Love this idea.

Emily A.

Hi! So excited about this! Date clarification is needed though. Post indicates Jan. 18th, which is Saturday, so I assume that is the correct date, but the image indicates Jan. 17th.

Allie K

I love that you’re posting ‘Best of the Web’. It’s a great addition to your standard ‘Week in Review’ post. Keep it up!


Ooh I love yard sales! Do we have to RSVP to the yard sale or do we just show up?


That article about the death of the blog is thought provoking and goes hand-in-hand, I believe, with the changes in funding online publications. As an aside, your two podcasts on the latter topic are brilliant. So refreshing to hear a “big blogger” speak honestly and thoughtfully of the shift.

So where do you think blogs are going? Where will we live? I look at my blog as an online portfolio as well as a home base from where I venture out into social media. Will we no longer have that? Are we dinosaurs? Am I living in the past in how I conceive of the online space?


I will be at your yard sale! So looking forward to it!

In an effort to leave what I hope will be received as constructive feedback, I was a little overwhelmed upon looking at your list of links. From someone who perpetually has tabs open of “must-read articles” and really does delight in seeing round-ups like these, I might be more inclined to look them over if there were fewer featured. Although I have no doubt that each of these contributions provided in this post are valuable.


Yeah to the yard sale. Nay to more things to read on the web. I spend way too much time now reading blogs, and if shown more have a compulsion to look at them. Your blog is plenty long and informative now, thanks.


While you’re in cleaning and updating mode, the bottom of the D*S blog page still shows “Recently” from December 16-20. I always liked the fact that it was current, especially for days I missed posts. Any chance for an update?


Excited to come on Saturday! How will you guys be accepting payment? We are revamping our offices and we hope to make a haul! I want to make sure I’m prepared.


so excited! i’m also wondering what forms of payment will be accepted…


What a nice idea! I always like to think my old stuff is someone else’s treasure. Then I can move on to new things guilt-free. See you tomorrow. :-)