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California design meets a Scandinavian aesthetic in Brooklyn

by Amy Azzarito

If you asked Grace and me to name our favorite online shop for home accessories, it wouldn’t be tough to come up with the answer. We’ve been huge fans of Leif since it opened in June 2011. Owner and founder Stacy Anne Longenecker  (also an occasional contributor to Design*Sponge) has an enviable knack for finding things that feel special and unique – little things that are easy to implement into your home (or your person – Grace got me this beautiful scarf from Leif as a present.). We love Leif because it feels bright, happy and fresh and we’ve been hounding Stacy to share her home with us for a couple of years. I’m so grateful that she’s thrown back the curtain today to let us into the Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment that she shares with her pup Cash. There are only three apartments in this building and (contrary to New York stereotypes) Stacy has become friends with the other tenants. Last Saturday night, everyone came down to Stacy’s apartment, and they all played Scrabble together Scrabble together!. –Amy

Image above: Over the summer I got my first “real” dining table (in other words, big enough to seat more than 4 people). I had to have it delivered about 3 times and then not even a month later ruined it with a huge water stain, so it already feels like quite the heirloom. I keep citrus and ginger candies on the table at all times. Half of the furniture and the rug in this room is from overstock.com, my not-secret-anymore guilty pleasure. The two prints are by Garima Dhawan. The Mongolian throw on the bench came from this etsy shop.

Image above: I think my bedroom was intended to be used as an office, but its tiny size makes it cozy and having the bed tucked away in there makes the rest of the apartment feel much bigger. Duvet, nightstand and rug are from West Elm.


See more of Stacy’s Williamsburg apartment after the jump!

Image above: I always have so many pillows on the couch that it’s not even easy to actually sit on it — apparently my weaknesses are plants and throw pillows.

Image above: This is basically where I stash all the things from the shop that I couldn’t resist keeping for myself. I have about 10 of these reclaimed wooden shelves scattered throughout the apartment, (from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber). The watercolor painting is from Erik Barthels and the black and white photo is one of my favorite photos of my grandmother.

Image above: The always wonderful Stendig calendar, and a console table that is my only great Craigslist find ever.

Image above: A very plant-filled corner. I had the window boxes custom made by someone on eBay and I think they’re one of my favorite parts of the apartment. That Ikea cabinet is a lifesaver — it holds so much and hiding behind it is an ugly Swiffer. There is basically no storage in this apartment for things other than clothes so I’ve had to get a bit creative.

Image above: This rug belonged to my grandmother, it’s not something I would buy for myself but I love its history and the character it gives. The art wall is a never-ending work in progress (some of the artists up there: Courtney Price, Malissa Ryder, Erik Barthels, Michael Cina, Emily Rickard, Britt Bass, Mia Christopher). The big geometric piece in the middle was a Brooklyn Flea find that I’m still crazy about years later.

Image above: Art, clockwise from top center: Claire Desjardins, Beth Hoeckel, GeometricInk, Emily Rickard (x2), Mia Christopher, Britt Bass. A miraculously ever-thriving philodendron.

Image above: Artwork by Fede Saenz, bulb vase from Heath Ceramics (something I want to start collecting), a collection of gems and minerals. In that little glass jar behind the vase is my mom’s rock collection from when she was a little girl.

Image above: That hutch was a great find from Furnish Green. It houses about 3 types of gin, my booze of choice.

Image above: This triangle mirror is definitely a favorite purchase, from MFEO.

Image above: These HAY storage boxes are the best. The little shelf from Ikea I think costs about $4.99; I painted it white and spray painted the brackets in copper.

Image above: The entryway for all things coats, keys and dog leashes. There apartment only has 1 closet so that storage bench is where I keep all my bedding.


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  • What a lovely space. That is a beautiful dining table! Is it from Overstock.com as well?

  • I would love to spend time in this apartment; it’s beautiful–and I’m definitely feeling inspired! The reclaimed wood shelves! The triangle mirror! The color palette!

    Who made the prints (the squares) in the first photo? I absolutely adore them!

  • I think you should let me trade apartments with you. PLEASE! It’s a wonderful combination of old & new & pieces that have history & sentimentality. I give you some serious credit… If I owned Leif my place would be chock-a-block full of as many of the beautiful items the store sells as possible. You have some enviable restraint. Thanks for letting us into your personal space.

  • Since hearing about Leif on D*S I have gone to the site often to check out their inventory (especially over the holidays, while gift-hunting!). The textiles and ceramics are always so great and well-chosen, and it is so fun to see them here in Stacy’s house and recognize some of the things I have loved from the shop! Really beautiful apartment.

  • Thankyou for being upfront with the storage ‘issues’ in the apartment. I love a dose of reality – knowing how people *really* make their space work, as well as pretty inspirational pictures.

  • “Grace and me..” Sorry, once an English teacher always an English teacher…..

  • Oh my gosh, this place is completely amazing! Love all the textiles and those little wooden shelves are perfect.

  • I absolutely LOVE everything about this apartment. It;s hard to ignore the mid-century modern look. It’s everwhere! But I’m not complaining! I just blogged about this style today. I really love your grandma’s rug, it adds an authentic feel.

  • Amy chance of a source for the asymmetrical mug in the third photo? It feels like maybe that mug is what my life has been missing all this time!

  • What a gorgeous home, love the mix of eras and styles because they work so well together. One year I WILL get a Stendig calendar, that table was a brilliant find under it. I am puzzled though, what is a Swiffer? Sounds like someone who who whizz in and do something unpleasant of some sort and then disappear. Thanks for sharing your home and I look forward to finding out the answer to my puzzle. x


  • Kudos to you to keeping a Maidenhair Fern alive! You have such a fresh apartment (not to mention a pair of green thumbs!).

  • I love this space! So much pattern, color, and texture, it feels so lush and fun! That table runner is particularly sweet – love that playful pattern.

  • Loooove this apartment/decor. And I have been snooping around on LEIF ever since it was mentioned on here – I have to bookmark it!

  • I love your space! I’m curious about the shelves in the bedroom and over the triangle mirror. Are they both form Ikea too? Thanks!

  • I was already obsessed with Leif, but now I’m completely blown away by your home. You have a perfect Scandi / CA style that I’ve been trying to achieve over the past couple of years. Sadly, my home doesn’t look as cohesive, but you’ve given me great inspiration. Would you mind sharing the source of the colorblock planter on the shelf above your bed? Thanks so much!

  • I love this apartment, everything is so beautiful! And am SO jealous – I love that great console table Craigslist score!!

  • This is such a lovely home, full of beautiful things.
    I’m such a lover of gems & this collection on show is wonderful.

  • Absolutely wonderful! So much beauty going on in this home! Many many many pieces of inspiration happening in each area. Thank you much for sharing.

  • Yes, yes and yes – it’s three yeses. A yes for the calendar, I’ve never seen it before but I think I’m getting myself one. Another yes for all the carpets – I love this kind of “rough” patterns and looks. And my final yes goes to you nail polishes ;)!

  • thanks everyone for the sweet comments!

    RS — the dining table is from a brooklyn company called urban green (although just to warn you, they were a bit of a struggle!)

    kate — the necklaces are hanging on geometric pushpins

    amy — the mug is by GDG studios

    katie — haha, your comment made me out laugh out loud. a swiffer is like a watered down, compact version of a mop!

    debra — the mirror in the bedroom was a lucky find from that store called ‘home goods’ (in rural PA), the white shelves are the same as the ones from elmwood reclaimed timber, but i painted them white.

    sara — couch is ikea

    yoshiko — planter is from west elm

  • It’s three yeses from me! A yes for the calendar, I’ve never seen it before but I think I’m getting myself one. Another yes for all the carpets – I love this kind of “rough” patterns and looks. And my final yes goes to you nail polishes ;)!

  • Love the rug in the first photo but can’t find something like it on overstock… can you tell me where to find it? Looking for a navajo print rug like this! Thanks!!

  • LOVE this place! but one glaring non-california design element: floating shelf with books above the bed. we don’t do that in earthquake country!

  • What an awesome apartment! You’ve got a great variety of different carpets and the one from your grandma gives a character to the room, well done!

  • Lovely! I am envious of your clutter free, stylish space. Also love all the plants and your pup. I’m saving this for inspiration.

  • Awesome, thanks Stacy! Is it really itchy? Sometimes jute can be but it seems like this is a jute/wool blend. I’m thinking of purchasing it.

    Thanks again for the info and for sharing your space!

  • Sorry to hear about your dining table disaster, but I may have a solution for you. To get the water mark out of the table try Howard’s restore a finish. I just used it in a vintage drafting table that I’m repurposing as a dining room table. The surface was in pretty rough shape but this stuff totally removed all the old water rings. Just follow the directions and use 0000 steel wool. Hope this helps!

  • Beautiful apartment! Any idea where the frames are from? I’m really struggling to frame a few large prints I have without breaking the bank. Thanks!

  • What a perfect example of making a small home light, airy and open. Love it! We’re honored to have our Troika mirror in such a special space. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a lovely home! Love how light and airy it feels. We’re honored to have our Troika mirror in such a special space.