Best of the Web + Ellipsograph 9 by Erik Barthels

As this week draws to a close I find myself so thankful for warm moments at home. The “Polar Vortex” that came to the East Coast this week meant a lot of freezing mornings (I’ll brave any weather for Hope) and fumbling on the computer trying to type with chilly hands. Amy and I are braving the weather one more time today to check out the New York Ceramics Fair so we’ll report back next week with our favorite finds. In the meantime, here’s some beautiful artwork to help us coast into the weekend: Erik Barthel’s ‘Ellipsograph 9′ collage. I love the colors in this piece. It takes my mind off of the grey and white world that is Brooklyn right now and transports me somewhere much warmer and cozier. Sending you all warm wishes for a toasty weekend. If you’re heading outside please bundle up and be safe! [Side note: if you’re interested in helping out those without a warm home to take comfort in, please check out Common Ground and help if you can. We’ve seen them helping people without homes get out of the cold all week long and it’s a wonderful group.] xo, grace

The 10 Best of the Web this week:


The Best of D*S this week: