Favorite Cooking Tools

Baked Bakery’s Favorite Cooking Tools

by Grace Bonney

I’m currently trying to cut back on sugar and carbs, so this post was an exercise in major self restraint. Mainly because whenever I see the words “Baked Bakery” I feel myself grabbing my keys and heading out the door to track down one of their sweet and salty caramel chocolate cupcakes. I’m pretty sure Baked’s delicious cakes and cupcakes (and cookies and whoopie pies…) have fueled the majority of my big work projects over the past decade, so I’m thrilled to have the boys from Baked, Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, on the site again today. They are bakers who truly love what they do and actually taste and eat all the wonderful things they make, so I trust their advice without question. Today they’re sharing their favorite cooking tool (a small offset spatula) and three ways they like to use it. If you’re looking to bake this weekend, I hope their advice will help you get going! Click here to check out Baked’s website (and their new location soon!) and here for their tasty PB&J Scone recipe! xo, grace

Illustration by David Saracino

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  • As a former pastry chef and restaurat owner (and current food blogger) I can attest to the indispensability of an offset spatula. Back in the day the staff and I nicknamed ours the UBT, ultimate bakery tool!