Amy’s Pinterest Obsessions

Grace, Max and I try to document our favorite products over on Pinterest. We’re pretty much always surfing the web looking for new products and it’s an easy was to catalog our finds. I love how different (yet similar) we all are when it comes to things we love – you can actually chart the spread of our obsessions – we seem to catch them from one another.  Earlier this fall, I bought a fluffy sweater at Zara (Is it just me or is Zara killing it lately?) that probably makes me look like a furry Muppet but I absolutely love it. (Note: it’s on crazy sale right now at Zara, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll snatch it up.) I love it so much that I’ve starting looking for things with that same crazy furry look (the sweater is mohair). I’ve also been on the hunt for baskets and boxes lately. I can’t seem to stay on top on the clutter sprawl at home (which usually means I need to do a big purge) but in my mind, I think if I had more baskets, at least things would look a bit neater. You can see all my Pinterest obsessions right here. -Amy

(Note: all the product links are on Pinterest)

Rose Duggan

Thanks for the tip on Zara! Just bought a black dress. You’re the best!


Any info on the mug in this picture? I don’t see it on the
Pinterest page. Love!


The new way of linking to Pinterest to find information about a product may actually be a poor way to drive sales for designers. For example, instead of clicking a link directly to the mug, readers now how to scroll through a Pinterest page which takes time they might not have. They may not want to scroll through to find something either (I didn’t, I just wanted to know who made the mug!) Would you consider providing links on the blog post as well? Designers and consumers may prefer it. Thanks for all you do!

Grace Bonney


statistically, consumers actually prefer pinterest. we’ve done the research. believe me, i wouldn’t take traffic away from my site if i didn’t think that was what people wanted and were already doing.

people don’t have to scroll any longer for this content on pinterest than they do on d*s. we’ve always kept the sources and full products after the jump, which is one click + scrolling. that’s the exact same amount of time and scrolling for this new form, so it’s actually not change in time or clicks. i worked really hard to make sure this was a decision worth doing and that it wouldn’t be more work for people in terms of time or clicking.