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After the Jump: Interior Designer Amanda Gorski

by Grace Bonney

This season’s radio theme is interior design, so this week I sat down with interior designer Amanda Gorski. We’ve been working with Amanda on our office makeover and it was a great chance to learn more about her background, how she discovered design and what defines her style. I had a blast getting to know her better and hear how she translated her skills in PR and communications (her original majors in college) to interior design. From learning to manage contractors and budgets to managing client expectations, Amanda has tackled all sorts of design challenges and created some beautiful spaces that reflect her love of independent design. I love any designer that works with local designers so much, so I’ve really enjoyed watching her include some of our favorite Brooklyn makers in her finished rooms. I hope you’ll enjoy her interview as much as I did- I found her insight on trends and client expectations to be fascinating. I think the way the web has opened up design has made clients more savvy and capable and it’s all leading to interior design becoming a more exciting, open-minded and diverse field. Thanks so much to Amanda for joining me and thanks for listening! xo, grace

“There’s a lot that goes into [interior design] that you don’t learn working for someone else.”
-Amanda Gorski on starting your own business

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