A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of Steven Alan

by Grace Bonney

In a visual community like the one we’re all a part of, pictures are such a powerful way to communicate. They not only inspire us, but they give us a glimpse into the worlds of our favorite artists, designers and makers. I love the way Instagram has introduced me to so many new artists and given me a peek inside their studio lives, so I thought it would be fun to expand that idea into a new column for Design*Sponge: A Day In The Life. Every other week we’ll give you a peek inside the daily lives of some of our favorite creatives, from people like The Sartorialist, The Brothers Mueller, Ariele Alasko, John Derian and today, one of my personal favorites, Steven Alan. Steven Alan is one of my style icons and he has created a brand and shop that I trust without question as my go-to source for basics worth investing in. When he’s not creating guest collections and opening new shops across the country, Steven fills his day with a range of inspiring to-dos, like reviewing books for his home shop, meetings with his team at Tiny’s and walking through TriBeCa for ideas and visual inspiration. Thanks so much to Steven for sharing a glimpse of his daily life with us. xo, grace

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In the morning: Spending some time with my sons.

Walking by the Ladder 8 Firehouse: A daily sight on my morning commute to Tribeca, still dressed up for the holidays.

At work, inside my office (the only part I can show you, since it’s really messy at the moment).

I headed over to a photoshoot to check in on our web studio, where they’re shooting some pre-spring looks.

Going through swatches for our Women’s Fall ’14 collection. The baskets behind me are filled with fabrics.

Grabbing a quick lunch at Mulberry & Vine, a great neighborhood spot for healthy food.

swedish pancake kit copy
Opening a gift from our friends at Jungmaven and Armor Lux. Can’t wait to try it.

mens inspiration
Reviewing our Men’s Fall ’14 inspiration board before wrapping up for the day

My homework is reading books to carry in our Home Shop.

Heading over to Tiny’s for a quick after-work meeting.


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  • Thank you for this peek. Steven Alan opened a location on Newbury Street in Boston and it has become part of my daily routine on Mondays to stop by and chat with the staff and take a look at all their vignettes of product. I’m always inspired by a “day in the life” of designers/artists/stylists and this is one more to add to my folder.

  • I love this series idea!! As a designer, I often wonder if highly successful creatives’ lives really look like the gorgeously organized look book shots… Or whether they look a little more….lived in. : )

    Steven Alan has been so amazing to watch over the past several years. The way they have expanded their brand while staying true to their core vibe has been fascinating. It was a real treat to read this and get a true behind the scenes view.

    And, I do hope they stock that book…The Pot Book. No idea which pot it’s about but in love with the title alone. : )

  • Oh, D*S !! From the backwaters of the Australian Coast, I thank you for this new series ~ love to peek in at how ” designer life ” happens .

  • I am so excited about this new series. I will look forward to it in the future. So inspiring.

  • Steven Alan & Madewell are the two retailers I most wish would come to Toronto. Every time I’m in NY I make a point of dropping by both. I especially liked the SA Home store.