A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life Of Ariele Alasko

by Grace Bonney

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Ariele Alasko DesignSponge Interview
My first love has always been writing. I love the way words can communicate your feelings, passions and emotions. But images will always be a close second. And in our creative community, images are king. Instagram has been such a powerful inspirational and motivational tool for me and those little glimpses inside the lives of my favorite artists were the basis for our newest column, A Day In The Life. Last week we got to peek inside the world of Steven Alan and this week we’re getting to see what life is like on a daily basis for talented artist and woodworker, Ariele Alasko. Our entire team started following Ariele’s beautiful blog a few years ago and have become obsessed with everything from her work to her home and studio. I saved up and purchased one of Ariele’s amazing headboards and cutting boards for my own home and they’ve become some of my most prized and treasured possessions. I’ve so enjoyed seeing Ariele’s work as much as I enjoy seeing the world through her eyes. Thanks so much to Ariele for sharing this peek inside her daily life with us. xo, grace

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The view of my dining room while I eat a quick breakfast, a shelf of beach finds and an adjustable metal lamp I built from found scraps.

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Jotting down a few notes for the day, with Mr.C lending his critical observations and ideas. My daily mug of choice is handmade by Josephine Noel in Brooklyn.

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Starting the day off with a trip to the Prospect Park, where we can get some off leash time and fresh air. Mazie is my sweet little one year old pitull who’s also my full time studio assistant. She’s quite the climber.

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My studio is a quick ten block commute. Here I’m beginning work on a new design for a coffee table, using plaster lath from an old house that I drove back from Buffalo, NY.

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A coffee table top I finished a few weeks ago, waiting to be sanded and sealed. The colors of the wood are naturally found on the lath, white on one side and brown or black on the other.

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As a lunch break we climb through the studio window and out onto the huge, walled-in roof, a perfect place for romping around and getting a bit of exercise. When its warm enough to keep the windows open, she has a staircase and ramp to go in and out on her own.

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I try to carve a few spoons a week. This is the half-way point of a large scoop made from a branch of green apple wood, brought back from Maine.

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This is the scoop after all the excess wood has been carved and filed away {about two hours late} ready to be sanded!

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I like to have a lot of spoons in process at once. Sometimes its fun to just pick one up at random and continue working on it. These are all carved from walnut, my wood of choice.

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When Mazie’s not in her dog house I built for her, she’s occupying our favorite chair. I’m trying to teach her to organize my desk while she’s up there.

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To do list for tomorrow. Good thing Home Depot is only two blocks away.

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  • This hardworking gal has the most beautiful Instagram feed; I love her work, her perpetual creative evolution and her hilarious and adorable attunement with that pup! Keep on inspiring, Ariele! This is a lovely new column, Grace and team:)

  • I’ve been following her on Instragram for awhile. I always love and feel inspired by her images. I love her work. It is so beautiful and will definitely be family heirlooms one day. I”m dying for a spoon. And cutting board. And table :)

  • This post made me feel so warm and inspired. I love Ariele and am so humbled by her energy and talents! Thank you for sharing such an intimate and lovely post on her.

  • Love this!! I’ve been following her on instagram for a while now and am a big fan of her work. Saving for a piece, slowly and slowly. Super talented lady and could her pets be any more adorable??

  • Ariel Mazie is the CUTEST! I love the picture of her running on your studio rooftop.

  • I think Ariele is incredibly talented and energetic. I also know she’s special because she’s my niece! I hope to get to see her someday so I can convince her to make a piece for the home we resurrected from an old auction barn. We seem to have pretty similar tastes I think. and I really enjoy seeing her creations.

  • I hope to convince her to create a piece for our “barn”. Best wishes and love from your uncle.

  • I discovered Ariel only recently while searching for some diy palettes projects and I fell in love with every single piece I saw on her website. Isn’t it a rule, that once you fall for something you get to see it every where you go? Well this “A Day in the Life” post just proves it (: Thanks

  • ‘Love your style!
    “I now make certain assumptions about people who own pit bulls, too. I assume they are independent thinkers, they have transcended a long-standing prejudice, and, more important, they know a damn good dog when they see one.” -Bronwen Dickey, Garden and Gun

  • Yeah, Ariele! My name buddy with the never-ending creative energy–never “Should I?” “Can I?” Wood, leather, textiles…the girl just DOES. My coffee table is my first “grown up” piece of furniture and I couldn’t be more proud to patronize her crazy talent. Imitators can’t come close.

  • Wow, thanks for featuring Ariele, D*S! I think I just spent an hour looking through her blog and past work– seriously gorgeous! I’m gonna have to save up, too, and own a piece of her work someday.

  • Ariele is such an inspiration to me, as I am also a lady woodworker, based in Ottawa, Canada. It is really amazing to have watched her transition from working in her home, as I do, into a beautiful full time studio practice, as I hope to soon!

    Thank you for sharing her amazing life and work with your readers, I always refer to her work and the work of all the other awesome women living the dream on D*S.