20 Great 2014 Calendars

by Grace Bonney

New years call for new calendars, and while I tend to prefer the boring digital calendars I can use online, it’s nice to have something printed out sometimes. Whether you’re looking to circle birthdays or just get a good layout of your yearly planning, there are so many calendars that are pretty much to function as prints and artwork for your walls. Sadly the highly functional “big empty squares”-style calendars/planners don’t seem to be as popular with artists and designers, but those versions are easy to grab in office stores like this, this and this. I hope these help keep your 2014 organized and happy! xo, grace

2013calendar_2 copy

Click through for the full sources and 15 more calendars!

Top Calendar: Full Moon Calendar $30

Second image (roundup), clockwise from top left: Kalender Poster $56, Snug Calendar $20.82, Harvest Calendar $22, Beer and Food Calendar $26

Image above: Travel America Calendar $26

Image above: Rooted canvas calender $44

Image above: Prisms Calendar $33

Image above: The Wild Unknown Calendar $30

8d954d4c34bb900228d67ba4ac764d8a copy
Image above: Risograph Calendar $20

Image above: Animal Constellation Calendar $10

Image above: Observant Nomad photo calendar (free download!)

Image above: The Paper Bird Society Calendar $32

Image above: Oh the Lovely Things calendar (free download!)

Image above: Amy Marcella Calendar $20

Image above: Kilim Calendar $24

Image above: Marimekko Calendar $36

Image above: Hammerpress Lone Horseman Calendar $15

Image above: Ikonik Calendar $10

Image above: Katharine Watson Calendar $22

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  • New calendars are one of my favorite parts of a new year!

    To add to the big-squares-to-write-in category, I love my russel+hazel calendar pad. It’s great for project specific calendars, Seinfeld-type don’t break the chain goals, and sometimes I overlap a few of them so I can see more than one month at a time. And it’s $24 for 3 years worth of calendar:)


  • I have been waiting for this list since Christmas! Thank you for yet another well curated set of beautiful calendars.

  • I have to second your sentiment to the lack of functional, well-designed calendars. :( To keep myself organized with bills/appointments/commitments with friends, I use the standard wildlife photography calendar. I searched all over Etsy a few months ago for a nicer alternative, but sadly could only find a couple of such calendars (that weren’t my style). Oh well! Next year, I may end up designing my own.

    • stephanie

      yep, it’s just not something that most designers are tackling. i understand, as they’re looking to make something that’s more like artwork, but i do wish there were a few more super cool and super roomy, super functional designs.

      grace :)

  • I have been stalking this blog for weeks now, waiting for a post about calendars! My favorite in the past has been the Paper Source Wall Art Calendar, but this year I found this beautiful one by Kapitza: it’s a giant graphic wall calendar that doubles as wrapping paper when you’re done with it: http://kapitza.com/shop/wrapping-paper-poster-calendar. Just thought I’d share! Thanks for this list and Happy New Year!

  • Muji has a lot of minimalist “big empty squares” calendars and planners (on sale too!) but their weeks start on Monday. If they started on Sunday they would be perfect for me.

  • They’re all so beautiful but I’m also very picky with calendars. Cool visuals often have too little space to make them useful or they have lots of it with middle of the road images. I often give up after a few months and use my laptop. As an illustrator I always say I will design my own but I never take the time. I’m sure I’m not alone here! ;) Here Amy Marcella has a nice combination. It’s very pretty yet neutral and would work well for someone who changes decor often (guilty). I also like the practical lines to write a note each day. Marimekko is my favourite option though. Always bold, cool and timeless. I’m a sucker for bright fun, colourful images and they give you enough space to write about that freakin’ doctor’s appointment! :)

  • Oooh! I love the vertical one from Make that is mentioned in the comment by ErinB. I like the addition of colourful pictograms to make a date stand out. Good design is always functional first and if a calendar can pull that off it rocks. It would rock even harder if it was bigger! :)

  • That Kalender Poster is definitely one I want hanging up in my room. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I always love a bit of typography! The Marimekko prints are wonderful. The beer and food one made me giggle, love the drawings on that, and it’s functional as well as pretty!

  • These are beautiful, but I need a calendar where I can write down notes & things. Still lovely to look at!

  • I left buying my large format Stenig Calendar too late and have not been able to find one.
    Does anyone have a source?

  • The ‘things’ calendars seems very useful and cost effective at the same time..i think we can print it in 1 colour and the design will still stand out..