Jee Young Lee’s Dreamscapes + Weekly Wrap Up

Despite my best efforts, today’s No-Buy Gift Guide got away from me. So on Monday I will post all of my favorite no-buy, last-minute DIY ideas. Things practically anyone can make, do or cobble together with their own two hands to celebrate friends and loved ones for the holidays. I always love the idea of doing something sweet for someone rather than buying them something, so hopefully this guide will come in handy for anyone still stumped on gifts and looking to avoid the insanity that is retail shopping the last few days before Christmas.

To provide some visual relaxation and respite from holiday stress, I wanted to end this week with a little something special from artist Jee Young Lee. Jee transforms her studio space into incredible dreamscapes that feel as if they’re made digitally, but are actually made from paper and everyday materials. In her hands, paint and paper are turned into magical plants, underwater creatures and all sorts of beautiful spaces that seem like the perfect escape from a stressful work day. I found these images so inspiring, just watching them makes me feel relaxed. I hope they’ll be as inspiring and calming for you as they were for me this afternoon. We’ll be back on monday with more home tours, DIY gift ideas and a few final projects and entertaining ideas for the New Year. Have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

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oooooooooh…what a gorgeous mix of color, shape and texture! Inspiring, relaxing, yes, all of the above. And such a welcome change from the Christmas colors that have taken over the world lately (bah humbug!) :)


Wow! Fabulous post. Thank you for turning me onto Jee Young Lee’s work. Beautiful and really different.