Portland Bazaar 2013 + Weekly Wrap Up

Portland has held my heart for so many years now. It’s a place I spent some very healing and formative months rebuilding my personal life and it’s been an inspiration for me, creatively and professionally, ever since. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the wealth of talent in Portland, and to have been involved in the creation of the Portland Bazaar has been one of my greatest work and life moments. Sadly this year I was too buried in book and site work to take part, but I was thrilled to see my favorite guys, Matt Pierce and Greg Hennes, carry on this year and arrange what is sure to be a fantastic holiday experience. This year the guys are offering a special early-bird night where you can get earlier and closer access to all of the artists selling their work this year. If you want to beat the crowds and get an earlier start on shopping some fantastic handmade work you can visit tonight from 5pm- 9pm for $10 (which includes a drink ticket). But for everyone else looking to shop on the weekend and support the incredible creative community in Oregon, you can visit and shop (free) Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm. I’m so bummed to miss this year’s show, but SO happy to hear all about it from friends who will be shopping and taking part. Click here for more info on the show and to attend. Give Portland a huge hug for me, Matt and Greg- xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


Thank you for the link to the Portland Bazaar! I ordered a Douglas fir stamp kit from Keeps.