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In Winnipeg, an Inspired Home Inside and Out

by Shannon Grant

When design duo Tyler and Jessie bought this 1000 square foot bungalow in 2007 in Winnipeg, Canada, they thought they would only live there for 2 or 3 years max. Six years later, with a few home improvement projects under their belt, they have transformed the house into a home and workspace that they love. While the interior is filled with work from their favorite illustrators and designers as well as photos of family and friends, it is the exterior of their home they love the most. Tyler and Jessie’s favorite part of their home is their backyard; initially a pile of dirt and a rotting fence, it is now a mini oasis, complete with a luscious garden and picturesque pergola. Tyler and Jessie are the husband and wife team behind One Plus One Design, a boutique design studio with an international client base specializing in website creation, small business branding and custom wedding stationery, among other things. Thank you, Tyler and Jessie and special thanks to Lani Elias for the photos and Ashley Nicole for the styling! Shannon

Image above: About a year ago we decided to redecorate our living room. The space lacked a focal point and we were unsure what to do with it. One night while laying in bed we had a brilliant idea that the room needed a mantle. We found this particular mantle at a local shop (The Old House Revival Company) that specializes in salvaging all sorts of things from old homes. It’s amazing how adding it to the room really changed the space, making it warm and inviting.

Image above: Our bedroom is quite small. We don’t have much room for anything but our bed, a couple bedside tables and a dresser. We tried to create a cozy space that feels good to curl up in and read a good book.

OPO_whatilove_home (1)

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Image above: Our living room is made up of odds and sods that we’ve collected from all different places. The blue wingback chair was Tyler’s Grandpas, the photos on the wall were taken while we were backpacking in Europe on our honeymoon, and the Hudson’s Bay blanket was my Grandmas. The poster of the cats was created by one of our favorite illustrators, Lab Partners.

Image above: We’re suckers for a good book! Our home is filled with books, and it seems like Tyler always has a stack of 3 or 4 on the go at once. Somewhere along the line I seem to have developed a small addiction to tiny animals, and you can find them in nearly every room in our house.

Image above: Balancing work and life can be tricky, so we try to let each other do the jobs we each do best. For me (Jessie) one of those jobs is cooking, so the kitchen has to be fun. I have a tiny obsession with tea towels and have started a collection of ‘old man mugs’. My hedgehog nesting measuring cups are probably my favorite new addition to the kitchen. There are larger things about our kitchen we’d love to change, but for now it does the job.

Image above: The scale was given to us by Tyler’s Mom. He grew up with it when he was little, and I couldn’t resist having it as part of our kitchen.

Image above: This little corner in my (Jessie’s) office is a great place to brainstorm and sketch. I once read that every designer should have two chairs, one for working and one for creating. This is my creating chair. I also like to fill my office with work from artists that inspire me.

Image above: My (Jessie’s) office has a large cork board that runs the length of my desk. I use it to keep myself inspired by constantly adding favourite bits and pieces that I come across in my day-to-day life. It’s also the place where I pin up some of my favorite invitations that we’ve created.

Image above: I (Jessie) spend a lot of time in this room because we work from home. For me it has to be comfortable, and a place I can work for hours in. It’s my space to decorate and really does house a lot of my personality. I love the fact that I have so much natural light, and my large desk is perfect for the way I like to work. I’m lucky that my Dad is a carpenter and he was able to make a custom desktop for me. It gives me great space to sketch and spread out my ideas when I’m working.

Image above: These shelves display some of my favorite things. An old photo of my Grandma, a certificate from my Grandpa’s time serving World War II and a robot from my old tin toy collection. I love the fact that this wall is always changing.

Image above: We were tipped off by a fellow designer that an elderly couple was selling off their entire teak collection, and we couldn’t resist picking up this desk (among other things). It dates back to somewhere in the late 1970’s, and the condition it was kept it can only be described as immaculate. It’s one of Tyler’s absolute favorite purchases.

Image above: The map came from an old school house from a small town in Manitoba. I found it for Tyler for Christmas a couple of years back for $50. It’s definitely one of the focal points of his office, and people have a tendency to crowd around it when we have parties to look at all the places that no longer exist in the world. The chair we found in a back lane at the cabin. We took it home and Tyler refinished the wood and reupholstered it with new fabric. 

Image above: Our bedroom is Hudson’s favorite place to sleep while we’re working during the day.

Image above: I found this jewelry box several years back at a vintage store for $8. I think it holds more scarves and knick-knacks than I think it does jewelry! The vintage bird tin, given to me by an old co-worker, is probably one of my favorite pieces in the room. I love the ornate detailing on the birds and the bright color palette.

Image above: Tyler and my dad built the pergola last summer and we’ve been enjoying it ever since. If we could spend all of our time outdoors, I think we would! This is our favorite place to work on summer mornings, eat lunch in, relax after a long day or sip wine with friends. The white coffee table is actually an old lettermail-sorting table that Tyler shortened the legs on, refinished and then repainted. 


Image above: Last summer Tyler built me the most amazing garden. It’s just the right size, and I love the raised flower beds. When I go in to garden it almost feels like I’m lost in mini-jungle of delicious produce.


Image above: While we work during the day Hudson likes to find new favorite places in the house to curl up.

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  • I really like this whole home! So many details make it comforting and livable. From the indoor spaces: bedroom, studio, and living room to that wonderful outdoor seating area and garden! It’s like a little slice of heaven!

  • What a sweet home. The owners have really made good use of all available space. I particularly enjoyed the glimpses of the bedroom (lovely color choices) and their outdoor space. Are the walls in the living room tinted pink? I really like the soft glow in there.

  • What a beautiful, comfortable home filled with lots of personality. Glad to see a Canadian home featured, too! :)

    Do you remember where the white bookshelf in Jessie’s office is from?

  • This home was featured in issue #19 of Uppercase magazine (I noticed the Work/Life book also published by Uppercase in one of the images!) I really enjoyed the article and photos in the magazine, but it’s so nice to see more images (not to mention BIGGER!) in this post, as it’s an absolutely beautiful space the work they create is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • I second the question that Katie asked-Do you have resource information on the white bookshelf in the office? It is exactly what I have been searching for to fill a space in my office.

  • Vanessa & Katie, the white bookshelf in my office is from ikea. I bought it in the spring so they should still have them :)

  • Bean – Hudson is a puggle!
    Carla – no the walls aren’t tinted pink, they are a soft white. I think that’s just an effect of the lighting in the photo.

  • Wow- everything is so welcoming and thoughtfully arranged. Where did you find the US map with white ladder?

  • Beautiful thoughtful home! I really like the cute ‘you wash – i’ll dry’ tea towel – do you mind sharing where its from?

  • Yay winnipeg!!!
    I’m glad to see such a creative and cozy home in my own city :) I’m also happy to see it isn’t a wolesley/ wellington / osbourne home (though I love those too).

    You both have very much made the house your own, even without any major renovations aside from the garden (which is stunning btw – and also a nice reminder of what green looks like when we are surrounded by white!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • What a beautiful home! Where did you get the hanging lamps in your bedroom? We have six inches on one side of our bed, so no room for a table. But could hang that exact light!
    Also, my mom has that exact same kitchen scale. I keep begging her to part with it and pass it along to me, but she loves it!

  • What a beautiful, comfortable home. After weeks of cold and snow, I love seeing the beautiful backyard and porch, too. Seems like a fun place to hang out!

  • Lovely home! Can I ask what’s the brand of chair in the studio/office space? It’s looks comfy and sleek, might be perfect for my boyfriend’s office space, he needs a new chair!

  • Born and raised in Winnipeg, it was great to see a home from this city profiled. Living on the west coast for over 5 years has it perks (i.e. no winter), but my heart will always be in the prairies. Winnipeg folk have style!

  • Well, this home has finally done it: shown how a kitchen with ‘outdated’ 70’s style wooden cabinets can be made to look terrific–the Lincrusta wall paper painted black along with dark hinges and drawer pulls are genius!

  • I’m with Jen O on the Lincrusta black paper! And though not from Winnipeg, I am married to a Winnipeg boy and thrilled to see a house from the city featured here. There is a very creative culture in Winnipeg as this shows so well.

  • So incredibly inspiring. I will be making updates to my home office tomorrow. I love the cork board idea! Jessie, I HAVE to know where the patio set was purchased. I have looked all over for something I love, and that one is it!

  • hey, when I saw the word Winnipeg, had to take a look at my university home town home. Yeah U of M. I’ve owned a few homes in Winnipeg. And great job at making a house a home.
    And even though the former locals call it Winterpeg, Manisnowba – still love it. Like the home. Want the teak cabinet.

  • Your home is lovely. The living room looks so cozy. I especially like the deep brown in the bedroom, and the kitchen backsplash. Is that wallpaper? What kind of paint did you use on it? Is it hard to clean? Thanks!

  • Go Winnipeg homes! This gives hope to my dream of having my little place featured on something as fabulous as Design*Sponge one day. Your home is so lovely. I’m available to sip lemonade in your sweet pergola any summer day.

  • love your garden! Can you email me a few more pics as we are using this as a starting point for ours. TIA. Marcie

  • What a beautiful, thoughtful home! I particularly love your headboard. Where did you buy it?

    Thanks for sharing your home with us!