Holiday Escapes: Indoor Movie Screening + S’mores 3 Ways and Invite Freebie

Few things make me happier than staying indoors on a cold winter day. Throw in a few s’mores and I’m sold. So for our next Holiday Escape, we decided to throw a good old fashioned movie party, complete with popcorn decorations and more s’mores than you can shake a stick at. If you want to get your friends or family together for something simple and fun, this is the a great way to gather together without all the fuss involved in a big holiday party. Just swing by your corner store for a few snack supplies and you’ve got everything you need to have a great night. We spent out afternoon watching Love Actually (our team’s favorite feel-good holiday movie) and wearing our leftover craft supplies, but any feel-good movie will do. And don’t worry, if your popcorn wreath is a little uneven, you can just snack on the bits until it’s perfect. Happy movie watching! xo, grace


Click through for 3 delicious s’mores recipes and downloadable holiday invites!

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To Eat: S’mores 3 Ways

We lined a baking pan with wax paper and put the marshmallows under a hot broiler for 30 second to get them toasty and brown

-Banana S’mores (Combine graham crackers, dark chocolate and marshmallows, add sliced bananas on top. You can also saute the bananas in a pan with a bit of butter and bourbon- yum!)

-Blackberry Jam S’mores (Combine graham crackers, white chocolate and marshmallows, add one tablespoon of your favorite blackberry jam. We love Bonne Maman. You can heat up the jam in a saucepan if you want things extra gooey.)

-Coconut S’mores (Combine graham crackers, white chocolate and marshmallows, add shaved coconut on top. For a deeper coconut flavor you can toast the shaved coconut in a pan first.)


To Decorate: Popcorn Wreath

To make a simple popcorn wreath, cut a circle out of the center out of a sturdy paper plate. String 5-10 long strands of popcorn using a needle and thread. Wrap the strands around the outer ring of the paper plate, securing with string. When the wreath is full, hang with a colorful ribbon!


To Watch: Our Favorite Holiday Movies

-National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
-A Christmas Story
-Love Actually
-Home Alone
-Miracle on 34th Street

Download Special Holiday Invite Here! (PDF)

Happy Holidays from Jorge (Amy’s sweetie), Amy, Grace and Max


Auuurgh, I JUST threw one of these this past week to watch the Nutcracker and absolutely KILLED myself making 2398745 little hors d’oeuvres. Guys, we need to sync up our schedules better.


I’m from the UK and would love to try an authentic S’more. Does anyone know what the UK equivalent of a graham cracker is? I’ve always assumed/used Rich Tea but this photo doesn’t look that way. Thanks.