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Holiday Escape: DIY Gift Wrap Get-Together

by Grace Bonney

There are so many fantastic gift wraps out in the market, but there’s something special about making your own. Whether you’re hand-painting papers with kids, using colorful stickers or getting seriously fancy with folding styles, it’s incredibly satisfying (and fun!) to make and so special to receive something made by hand. So for our second Holiday Escape, we decided to create a DIY day you can easily have with friends to make your own gift wrap using one of our humblest (and tastiest) ingredients: potatoes!

Max, Amy and I got together for an afternoon of snacks and stamp-making to show all of the modern shapes and styles you can create using just a potato and kraft paper. We used stamp pads to test different colors and came away with paper that felt fun and festive and cost next-to-nothing to make. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time with friends while checking a few things off your to-do list, a DIY gift wrap party is just the ticket. Just grab a few handfuls of potatoes, some small knives (or X-actos), stamp pads and everyday Kraft paper and you’re ready to go! Happy stamping! xo, grace

The full how-to’s continue after the jump!

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DIY Gift Wrap Get-Together

What You’ll Need:

-3-4 potatoes per person (we used tiny potatoes I found in my corner store, but large potatoes are fine, too)
-small paring knives or X-acto knives
-Kraft paper (we also used thinner brown masking paper)
-stamp pads in a range of colors


Creating your Stamps:

1. We created a range of simple shapes that served many purposes. We cut simple X’s, O’s and triangles that we combined to create wreath shapes and borders down the packages. Those were simple straight cuts, no extra steps required.

2. To create the circular patterned stamp, we twisted the blade of the Xacto and paring knives into the potato and removed the excess. That stamp proved to be one of our favorites.

Inking Your Stamps

1. Before stamping, be sure to blot your potatoes on a paper towel to remove excess moisture. Any liquid from the potato will affect the ability of the ink to stick to the potato’s surface.

2. Be sure to press firmly, but don’t bare down too hard or you’ll force liquid out of the potato.


Amy created embroidered gift tags using neon pink thread and a needle. Simple thread your needle and “sew” the tags as you would a piece of cloth. We found simple shapes like trees and snowflakes worked best.


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