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DIY Project: Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers

by Grace Bonney

We all have our own ways of showing our friends and family how much we love them when it comes gift-giving time. My way: gift wrap. Honestly, I sort of enjoy wrapping gifts more than actually shopping for them. Don’t get me wrong. I try my hardest to pick out gifts that will be loved and cherished, but I take great pride in my ability to wrap a fine-looking present — like every package is a special little piece of artwork for someone that I love. If you’re anything like I am, you’re going to love these DIY gift toppers created by spray painting dried natural stems available from most craft stores, floral shops, and even some grocery stores. –Mandy Pellegrin

The full how-to continues after the jump!

various dried natural stems (e.g. eucalyptus, cattails, wheat, seagrass)
various metallic spray paints

Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 1

1. Spray paint the stems in various metallic colors — gold, silver, copper, etc. Since one of my naturals came white, I left them as-is.

Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 2

2. Once dry, play around with different combinations of stems to create unique mini bouquets. Trim stems as necessary.

Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 4
Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 5

3. Tie together with twine, and attach to gifts with ribbon or twine.

Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 6
Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 7
Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 8
Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers 9

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  • great idea… good for centerpieces, too. but i had to laugh at “dried natural stems, available at craft stores, florists, grocery stores…” — also available outside! a quick walk outdoors in many places can yield a nice collection of fallen or picked twigs, leaves, berries and cones, too, and it’s much cheaper. : )

  • Ditto I love wrapping gifts – ive had my roll of brown paper for 5 yrs now it was huge ill definitely be buying a new one next year ;) ps love your work

  • Love the aesthetic. I think it should also be mentioned that this is just one more way to reduce the production of waste that comes from wrapping paper and decorating gifts every year. Why take a trip to the store when you can just walk around the block and collect the decorations(with neighbors’ permission of course :) )? In fact, check out this blog post that covers that idea: http://ow.ly/rwJeS

  • Hummm-awesome that you live near such a natural environment! I don’t see these things in northwest Florida. Maybe sea oats but they are illegal to pick LOL! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby or Michaels! Maybe I need to take a walk and look for these but cones, berries, cattails, wheat? I don’t think they are here! I LOVE these ideas though! I shall have a “package decorating” party and get ready ahead of time for the holidays!