DIY Project: Fabric Gift Envelopes

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes 2
My dad recently got me an awesome new tool for my DIY arsenal — a serger, so I’ve been dreaming up all sorts of ways to put it to use, including these easy fabric gift envelopes. If I do say so, these envelopes have a lot going for them — a greener, reusable alternative to paper wrappings, potentially a great use of any fabric scraps you might have lying around, a touch glamorous with a contrasting, metallic thread, and pretty unique. If you don’t have a serger, just use the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine (some machines — including my 1975 model — even have a serge/interlock stitch) to finish the edges. -Mandy Pellegrin

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-contrasting/metallic thread

-serger/interlocker or sewing machine

1. Cut your fabric. Each envelope is comprised of four cuts of fabric — a front, a back, and two sides. For this particular envelope, I cut my front and back to about 14″ tall by 10″ wide and the two sides to 14″ tall by 4″ wide. This isn’t a science so create whatever size envelopes you want/need.

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 1

2. Load your serger or sewing machine up with a contrasting and/or metallic thread, and stitch along the top edges of each cut of fabric.

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 2

3. With the right sides facing out, stitch the side pieces to the front and back pieces to create a sort-of boxy tube.

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 3

4. Fold the center bottom of each side panels in towards the middle sandwiched between the front and back panels. Pin into place, and stitch the bottom edges together.

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 4a
DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 4b

5. Repeat with other sizes and fabrics.

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 5a
DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 5b

6. Load up with gifts, and finish off with a simple ribbon and a gift tag.

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 6
DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 7a
DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes - Step 7b

DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes 1
DIY Fabric Gift Envelopes 3


love the fabric wrapping! I tried something similar a few years ago and my family (parents) HATED the non paper wrapping material, which was such a bummer. I’ll have to be more forceful in my use of it to really get it implemented; at least I can do it if I have kids.


This is a great idea! My daughter might appreciate having something wrapped in such a unique way.

Mindy Fox

My son’s aren’t interested in wrapping paper. Every year I make them each a bag (sized for their largest present) and each night of Hanukah I put in a different gift. Saves time and the environment.


I use Christmas fabric to make the bags. Many family members send them back home with me to reuse. I make plain, drawstring and handled bags. I’d rather sew than wrap.