Coffee Drips: Making Your Morning Routine More Special

As the weather gets colder, my morning jaunts over to Five Leaves for coffee have gotten fewer and far between. Normally this would mean I just start weaning myself off coffee and become a major grump, but thankfully Julia has introduced me to the world pour over coffee. It’s not that I’d never heard of that method, but I always assumed it was more complicated and time-consuming than it actually is. It’s become a part of my morning routine and I love the little steps that have started to form themselves as part of my muscle memory. As much as I love the pour over vessels we use now, I’m always on the hunt for something that makes any daily process a little more special, and these two handmade pour over vessels (one from Japan, one from California) would be such a sweet way to start the day. I just wet a standard coffee filter so it molds to the shape a bit better and you’re good to go! Here’s to lazy holiday mornings with lots of fresh coffee… xo, grace



you should look at CHEMEX. super cool design.
i also travel with a Melitta single cup pour over i found at my local hardware store. It was 5 bucks.