Before & After: Fabric Covered Typewriter

Today’s first before & after makeover is one that I never would have thought to try, but I love the results! Portland’s Cori Kindred wanted to give her vintage typewriter a facelift so she covered it in a beautiful floral fabric. She started by cutting a piece of fabric a few inches larger than the portion of the typewriter that would be covered. (She used “Rosette” from Fabric Traditions, found at Joann Fabrics). Then she glued a little bit at a time (using a small paintbrush and an acrylic gel medium), cutting as she went to remove any excess. The angles and details were difficult, but Cori loves how it turned out- and so do I! I know some people prefer to leave vintage pieces in their original state, but I love how fun this feels, while still being totally functional. Thanks so much to Cori for sharing with us! xo, grace

[Cori’s got some new rock collection mixed media pieces in her shop if you need any handmade gift ideas for the holidays!]


More images of Cori’s ‘new’ typewriter after the jump!






pretty awesome how well the fabric matches the existing space keys and feed roller.
fabulous job Cori, you rock!


So adorable! I would love to try it on all sorts of things… Where to begin? Thanks for sharing!

Mindy Fox

Looking et the before, I thought “Don’t touch that!!!” But I have to hand it to you, the execution looks perfect, and extremely difficult to pull off. Congrats.

Anna Maria

HI Grace!-I’d love to claim credit on behalf of my daughter Juliana Horner, that is her fabric line :) thanks and such a lovely project <3
xo, Anna Maria


Do you think this would work on a crock pot? I’d love to try this :)

Grace Bonney


i wouldn’t suggest doing this on any surface that will get hot, i’m guessing it will affect the glue.



davida, i’d also be concerned about getting food on it. what if you used a fun contact paper instead? that way you could just wipe it clean. there are some fun vintage contact paper patterns out there!


Excellent project! Does acrylic gel medium hold well as a glue over time and fluctuating indoor temps on metal? Wondering which brand you recommend and whether you added additional glue binder….


is there any way I could possibly order this? It’s been on my wish-list since forever! is there any way I could contact you? please answer as soon as possible, thank you.


I think this is amazingly beautiful! Since it did take a while and she won’t want it spoiled by fingerprints, etc. maybe Cori could cover it with some modpodge flat? or some thing else to protect the beautiful new surface? LOVE the choice of fabric.