Before & After: A Bedroom Freshened with, you guessed it, Black and White!


I don’t think I could be more thrilled with the sudden Black-and-White takeover the design world has taken in recent times. Everywhere I turn, people are starting to embrace this bold and previously intimidating non-color palette. While some might think that black and white is too stark or hyper-modern, many of the Before & Afters we’ve run in the last year prove quite the contrary. From this stunning Hudson Valley home transformation  to the safari-themed nursery we ran just last week, homeowners and designers are mixing natural touches with black and white for a fresh, yet totally warm feeling. Homeowner and designer Dana Frieling also had a chance to revel in the beauty of black and white when tasked herself with transforming her 1984 Dallas home’s master bedroom. “I couldn’t wait to paint and get rid of the all-over (walls and ceiling) green color and turn the space into something with a more contemporary vibe.” Through a combination of large graphic touches, reconfigured furniture, and, of course, black and white, Dana did just that. The end result is a space that looks both wonderfully contemporary and inviting. Check out all of the photos plus Dana’s notes and design sources after the jump! —Max

ba_danafrieling_2 ba_danafrieling_3


Paint colors: Benjamin Moore, Swiss Coffee (OC 45) flat finish, Behr Premium Plus, Black Suede, eggshell finishRug purchased from HomeGoods.


The wooden piece above the bed was an old attic vent for a house exterior, purchased at Habitat Restore. Bedside table is a vintage desk, lamps from Marshalls.


“The slant between the wall and the ceiling is what inspired the crazy black stripe,” Dana says. “I wanted to highlight this feature in a nontraditional way. As an added bonus, it makes the fan and tv “disappear” and allows the other features in the room to be the focus.” Bed and dresser from Drexel Heritage. Bedding: White quilt purchased from Tuesday Morning, Brown blanket from Marshalls, Pillows: Tuesday Morning, World Market and Homegoods.

ba_danafrieling_6 ba_danafrieling_72

 “I was looking for something that would take up the entire wall without breaking the bank. By spacing the shelves to cover a vast space and using varying sizes of art/frames, I was able to achieve the look for minimal cost.” Picture shelves from IKEA.

ba_danafrieling_8 ba_danafrieling_10


how did you cut down the bed posts, I have a bed that I would very much like to do that to, the high posts overwhelm the room.

Trix & Trumpet

I love this transformation! I agree that the continued use and experimentation with the bold combination of white and black is really fantastic. The use of black and white in this space is done in a really artistic yet pleasing way. The thick black stripe not only creates a wonderful illusion of more height but also provides a great anchor to the bed. Painting the window sills black was a good choice and shortening the bedposts allowed for an updated and more modern look without having to replace furniture. Great re-do, fantastic colour combo.


I wondering about the removed fan blades; without blades the fan is non-functional. Why not just remove the fan completely?


How about the “trying hard of that moment” avocado green, harvest gold, quasi Tiffany lamps and hanging ferns. Will this be those?


I like this overall, but I’m confused about the point of the fan with no blades. Is it just unfinished? There’s no other function to that fixture without the fan blades.


I’m so doing this in my bedroom. I have an apartment and was bored with the white walls but I don’t want to do too much painting. I have a black bed too so this is fresh, modern and so cool!


this is such a smart way to re-do a room when you’re on a budget. very nice.

Renee Ozer

Function aside, the fan is distracting because it looks only partially assembled. Why not paint the palm leaf blades black and reinstall them in the Fanimation fan?


The window looks brilliant with black paint, I have thought about it but have never dared. Black and white is a classic but this one sure has a twist. It’s fabulous. x


Black & White, Love this! Love the transformation! The room is even brighter in the After Pic!


I love love love this!!!! What an incredible transformation!!!!! So creative!! So fresh!!! So modern!!!! So different!!!! This is a designer to watch!!!!


Ann, the bedposts were actually made to convert to different sizes. Smart, huh? And, the infamous fan…we tried to switch out the blades but the ones we ordered didn’t fit. We’re still in wait mode!


Love the bed! However, I find the large black stripe a little oppressive!


Am I the only one who prefers it “before”? Apart from the sewn off bed posts, that was a good idea.


I think it is dramatic and beautiful – and congrats for making such a bold statement. Execution is flawless.


I love the before. I also love the after. I may be in love with the before sheet set. Can someone tell me where I could get those?


I love the chair in the corner! I’ve been looking for a chair like that. Can you tell me where you purchased it please? And what type of chair is it? Is it a wing chair?

Don Gilmartin

Wow…I’m totally new to this blog comment thing, but this one really pulled me in and made me want to comment. Great job! Totally off the hook look on this one! Dramatic and way cool. Ill be back for more.


That green teeny little footstool is so cute! Sad she moved the plant though!


I wanted that rug FOREVER…then talked myself out of it and went for a plain Jane white. Kicking myself a little….

Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

I sincerely cannot believe that that’s the same room. The visual effect of the rug and the ceiling stripe are intoxicating. The height you’ve created is unreal. The sawed off bedposts was a brilliant maneuver, too.

Trudy - HOME etcetera

I love the use of the timber in this room and the white quilt cover as a base with pops of colour from the cushions. It creates warmth in what would be a high contrast, stark room.