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An Atlanta Home with a Thing for the Perfect Paint Color

by anne

For the past 5 years Kate Hayes has worked as an interior designer, giving her the chance to explore a range of styles. She prefers ‘variety is the spice of life’ over the boredom of doing the same thing over and over. She and her husband Jack relocated to Atlanta, Georgia six months ago which has given Kate a fresh palette of their own to work with. The layout and flow of the home is one of their favorite parts. Kate works upstairs, but when she descends back into the living spaces her work day is over. Meanwhile, the living room and kitchen provide the perfect places to hangout or entertain, or the deck for a leisurely dinner. Overall Kate’s goal was to create a sense of calm with moments of drama and color, uniting their eclectic pieces and creating a seamless living space that still appropriate for the existing architecture. P.S. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kate and Jack’s home. Check out their Carroll Gardens sneak peek here. Many thanks to Kate, and Kristen Wade for the photos! – Anne

Image above: A relaxing corner of our bedroom. I’ve never had a bedroom so large! I’m used to NYC scaled rooms, so to have a chair here feels absolutely luxurious. Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Coastal Fog.

Image above: I recovered those stools with a Lee Jofa fabric, and still am pretty in love with it. Plus a pattern hides any dips or sauces that might end up there! Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Silver Sage.


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Image above: This tobacco leaf table was found by a design-savvy friend (who emergency called for me to come get it) in Carroll Gardens on the street. We ended up meeting the old owner of it who had it in his man cave in the basement for a couple decades. I love it and think the clean lines and earthy leaves are a killer combination.

Image above: Probably my favorite room in the house. I feel like we nailed the color (Benjamin Moore’s Silver Sage) – so soothing and fresh and one of those what-is-it colors. I love the period window, and the beautiful French armoire was a splurge at Scotts Antiques market in Atlanta. I haven’t regretted it since, plus it hides our TV. I hate seeing a TV in a living room!

Image above: I love this room. I look at fabrics and colors all day, and somewhat prefer subtle colors in common areas for myself, but I couldn’t help myself here. At night, the room glows beautifully and makes all guests look pretty and jolly. I had the table top cut from a honey onyx remnant, the pendant is a Brimfield find from an old bank building, and the chairs were a paint + recover job from an estate sale. Still hunting for the perfect rug to muffle echoes – design never ends! Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Glaze.

Image above: The chest was my grandfather’s from the 30s. My mom and I discovered it in their attic, only to open and find my grandmother’s wedding trousseau packed full. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been touched since the 40s. We were pretty amazed. Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Morning Dew.

Image above: My office. Still working things out here, but I love the soothing color (Benjamin Moore’s Morning Dew) and bright light. Great for choosing paints. I had the desk custom made by Parts and Labor Workshop in Brooklyn – they create truly beautiful pieces. I also love my Noguchi lamp! I think they are always chic, never out of style or place.

Image above: I wanted our guest bedroom to feel truly like a vacation, hence the bright Bahamian colors. It’s a funny small nook upstairs that reminded me of a nautical space, so I ran with it. We have a few paintings of water and ships in here as well – maybe a little theme-y and literal, but I haven’t wanted to repaint yet – ask my husband, this happens often, so I think it’ll last. The wall is Benjamin Moore’s Sea Isle.

Image above: I found that pretty branch in Grant Park, and figured until we find the perfect headboard, this will do nicely. I like waking up and looking into it – both soothing and nicely referential of the neighborhood. Those wacky egg-shaped pendants were an Etsy find are gorgeous when turned on and create a soft glow by which we read. Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Aurora Borealis.

Image above: The painting is from Montmartre and was a gift from my mom. Jack and I painted the gold branches in the entry – I love deGournay but it’s out of my range, plus this is a rental! Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Aurora Borealis and Silver Sage.

Image above: I love that the first thing you see when you walk in is a painting by my talented friend Tori. Plus, the green takes you from the outside in smoothly, especially with the branches. Our neighborhood is full of gorgeous, huge old oaks and such.


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  • Always great to see some love for Atlanta! This house is beautiful–every room is just gorgeous in every way. The color in the guest bedroom especially stands out to me. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi…I love the branch over your bed….did you treat it with anything or just hang it as found?

  • Welcome to the neighborhood (s). I’m over in Cabbagetown. Your house is gorgeous. Where is the rug in the first picture from?

  • Are the paint colors in the last two pictures the same? Also, when I Google imaged the color names you listed, they looked a lot less intense than they do here. How did you get your version so lovely?

  • >>Still hunting for the perfect rug to muffle echoes – design never ends!

    Thank you for this perfect reminder that our home design is a journey.

  • Hi Gina! Just picked it up and hung it on the wall, after a bug inspection of course. So far no issues with it, and I figure there are always more if need be. Thanks!

  • In the dining room there’s a Jamie Reid “God Save the Queen” print in a gold frame … you win!

  • Katie- the bedside lights are from lightexture and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Stephie, thanks for the welcome! I love Cabbagetown and frequent it a lot. I found the rug on etsy, I think from blueteddy. Elizabeth, those greens are the same, just different angles and morning/afternoon shots. Paint color has so much to do with light strength and time of day! I would say for bold colors definitely apply a third coat for maximum richness. Also, test a spot on the wall- something on a tiny square won’t nearly communicate it’s power so a wall test is smart. Maja, the square chair is from the ABC Home warehouse in Queens. And Emmy, thank you! I will pass the compliment along to Tori. She is pretty amazing. Huge thanks to everybody for all the lovely comments! I’m completely flattered! Happy holidays!

  • Love your home! Where did you get the pendants over your island. They are exactly what I am looking for.

  • I was just in Atlanta, um yesterday. But I live just 3 hours away. Inspiring home but especially inspired by the paper you put on that sloped wall. I have a wall like this as well and have been wondering what to do with it. Thanks!

  • Very lovely! I was wondering if the before last photo and the before before last photo (with the bed and the little pendant lamps) featured the same color gray paint? It would seem so but in the before before last photo it seems a touch lavender, unlike the one below it. Thanks!

  • Ohmygosh, this looks like a house in Grant Park that Ed and I looked at! I wonder if it is the same one?! So fun to have another NYC-er move to Atlanta!

  • Such a great home! I’m in love with the white star shaped piece on the coffee table. Where is it from?

  • hi kate! ….still obsessed with that branch above your bed…..how did you attach it to the wall? (searching for my own branch!)….thank you for your earlier response!
    gina :)

  • Hi all! Sorry for the extremely long delay- I was out of the country until Saturday and had limited access. First of all, thanks for the lovely compliments! AE- the guest bed pillows are West Elm and IKEA (polka dot one still available last I checked.) Emily- the bedroom is Coastal Fog and the Kitchen/Living is all Silver Sage. Hope this helps. Ginny Branch- I know and love your work, would love to connect sometime if you’re up for it! The Room Illuminated- kitchen paint is Silver Sage (continues in from living.) Gabi, the white stars are from Global Views and come in a set of three in varying sizes. Gina, I just put two screws in the wall at good, strong points in the branch, then got a neutral color wax cord/string and wrapped it around and sort of hooked it on. Hope that makes sense. The screws are mostly hidden by branches so it all worked out. Thanks everybody! Let me know if I forgot to answer something…

  • I like it, i think that i will decorate my home like this.
    Thank you for this article and please post an article with decorations of small appartments.

    Best regards!

  • Hello, I love the paint colors. Can you tell me if the pictures of silver sage, are accurate to their real color. I keep looking at silver sage, but am worried that it will be too dark, but in your photos it looks perfect.