After the Jump: Food + Photography with Matt Armendariz, Julia Turshen & Kristina Gill

This week’s radio show was so much fun, I wished it could have gone on for hours. One of my favorite people, food photographer, stylist and writer, Matt Armendariz was in town from Los Angeles, so I stole him for a night- along with our resident food expert, Kristina Gill (in town from Rome!) and writer and chef (and my wife…surprise!), Julia Turshen. Between the three of them, they represent so much talent and passion and knowledge, it was fun to ask them about food, photography and how social media has changed both over the past few years. From conversations on Pinterest (and how clients now request Pinterest-friendly images) and Twitter to thoughts on what’s changing in the food industry (hint: it’s becoming less perfect and more real), these three were full of so much useful information. I hope you all enjoy the show and thank you so much for this talented trio for joining me on air.

“It takes a lot more work with the camera to get the photos that Instagram does. I don’t think one will replace the other. They’re complementary.” [8:30]
-Kristina Gill on After the Jump

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Photo credits above: Matt Armendariz, Kristina Gill and Joachim Johnson for Members Only


Oops, I meant to say “Waaaaaahhhhh!!” with excitement, not laughter. Dan autocorrect. Apologies!


I love that this is how you announce. I would have done the same. Mazel tov, you two crazy kids!


Whoa, love how you snuck that in there!! Many congrats and best wishes to you and Julia! And I hope we get to hear more about your story. ;-)

Amy E

Congratulations, your announcements, surprise or otherwise bring a lot of joy!


A super big congratulations to you and Julia! What a great surprise. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together.


Yay! Loved getting to know Julia in her collab with GP. Left that cookbook more interested in her than Ms. Paltrow! She’s quite a talented, engaging and inspiring cook/writer. I look forward to listening after work!


Congratulations Grace! What an amazing way to finish the year! D*Sponge is even more fabulous this year, keep up the fantastic work guys! Best wishes for your holiday season from over in cold rainy Blighty! x