25 Gifts Under $25

by Amy Azzarito

I am the kind of girl who loves a challenge. There’s not a boot camp that I haven’t tried – I even done P90x three times. Love a challenge!  So the budget guides are always my favorites. I scoured all my favorite sites for the best  gifts under $25.  Most of these gifts can stand on their own – how awesome is that bike bell – but I also love the idea of pairing some of these gifts with something a little extra. So you could pair the bowls (above) with a box of someone’s favorite cereal or better yet, make some granola. The bottle stoppers (below) would be a great addition to a bottle of wine (or give this book). Gift a mug with a favorite coffee or tea. Those little extra touches can make even budget gifts feel special.  –Amy

Image above: 1. Colorblock Mechanical Pencils $8 | 2. earth tape measure $12.50 | 3. sculpted geo bowl $4 | 4. cork doorstop + memo board $24 | 5. Lidded Mini Basket $20 | 6.  you’re a gem soap $10.27 | 7. floating wish papers $8 | 8.  honeycomb card case $24 | 9. pattern bike bell $22 | 10. soap cone trio $22

Image above: 1. metallic horizon zipper pouches $9 – 12 | 2. gold standard noteblock $9 | 3. cloud usb hub $14 | 4. cast iron heart shaped cake pan $19.95 | 5. saturday morning mug in black star $10 | 6. pyrite heart $15 | 7. bow push pins $24  | 8. diamond box, round cut $15

Image above: heart bowls $8

Image above: felted ball trivet $20

Image above: moscow mule copper mug $9

Image above: Faceted wood bottle stopper $22

Image above: small notebook set $12

Image above: lunch pot $22

Image above: Constellation tea towel $18

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  • Technically, this may be unrelated… but P90X three time?! Sweet baby jesus. You are price-savvy beast who I may or may not slightly idolize after this post.

  • @ Miranda – I think I may be a little bit loco! I’m actually doing another round of it. I love P90X! (Particularly in the winter when I don’t have to leave my house!) xoAmy

  • I love all of these. Might just forward it to my Mom for my Christmas list since I have no idea what to ask for this year!

  • I got one of those metallic horizon zipper pouches from West Elm, and the gold was really dingy and dirty looking, like someone had stepped on it (on both sides!). Nothing I can do can clean it off to make it look shiny like the picture, which makes it pretty unsuitable as a gift.

  • holly cow batman how did u find these super funky kool items!!!! I now want them all – don’t suppose u could do a pet list too???? hehe

  • My favorite is the lunch pot. I went to the site and they have more lunch containers than you have posted here that are useful and pretty. Great prices. I might be getting some of them for Christmas presents.

  • The bowls and mugs are the only two things I think are worth the price. I did a post for gifts under $10 and I found it super easy to find a lot of choices without extensive effort. I’d pass on the other things.

    • Thoughts of Glam,

      Your $10 gift guide is great. I think it’s worth nothing though that it’s a bit easier to find beauty goods under $10 than home goods. We’re primarily focusing on home goods here (mostly with a homemade, indie focus) so it’s tough to find that under $25. Solid metals, hand-felted pieces and ceramics are goods and materials that tend to come with a much higher price point than $25, so it’s a definitely challenge, but I think Amy did a great job with these choices.


  • Amy, I also love P90X and my favorite part is all the tiny details you notice after watching it over and over. Tony *cracks* me up!! Great gift guides this year – I’m bookmarking this one for our stocking stuffer/gift exchange with the extended family. Happy holidays!!