2013 Gift Guide: Pets

by Stephanie

2013 Gift Guide: Pets
Every year, it seems as though my pet-related shopping list gets longer. Whether I’m shopping for my pup, Mr. Harvey, for a friend’s pet, or for the animal-lovers in my life, I’ve got a list to satisfy them all and I’m sharing a few favorites with you today. In order to keep this list to a reasonable length, I tried to find a little something for the dog, cat and rabbit fans on your list, but I do know that there are a bevy of other pet-related goodies out there. I hope you’ll find something special for animal lovers in your life! —Stephanie

Top image: 1. Free People embroidered dog bed, $98 2. cat scratch box,  $19.99, 3. tweed dog overcoat, $98, 4.  geometric dog collar, $45, 5. white porcelain dog bowl, $36, 6. polk dot dog leash, $20-24, 7. city pet bed, $120 8. polka dot pet bowls, $16-20, 9. tiki squeeki toys, $30, 10. Found ombre collar, $56, 11. pet bike basket, $195

This post is brought to you by Petswag, featuring fine design for furry friends!

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2013 Gift Guide: Pets

As of late, I’ve become extremely fascinated with pet dwellings and carriers. There are so many interesting designs out there right now, making it easy to find something for every style. While many of these are a bit too pricey for me, I thought it would be fun to include some den options for you to take a look at and maybe gift to a lucky pet in your life.

Above image: 12. hanging cat bed, $30, 13. dog house bed, $399, 14. canvas dog carrier, $340, 15. modern cat house, $450, 16. Kate Spade pet carrier, $130, 17. modern dog den, $1050

2013 Gift Guide: Pets

Above image: 18. bunny pillow, $14, 19. dog contact case, $5.70, 20. cat tote, $55.95, 21. rabbit ear cord holders, $24, 22. cat ear rings, $39.99, 23. dog cake server, $8.99, 24. bloggers love dogs calendar, $7,  25. Madsen bike, $1275


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  • Looks like your numbers are a bit mixed up, 15 on the graphic is 14 in the content with the link.

  • I’d also recommend ‘dublin dog’ collars for people with active dogs.. especially swimmers. I got a “no stink” collar for my water loving dog a few years ago and it still looks like new

  • That Madsen bike for your pet companion is a great idea, but I have a precocious little chihuahua with ants in his pants, I wish vespa would make a series for tiny tots like my little guy. Maybe a quasi kennel with (seat belt) on the from where the basket goes. Now THAT’S something I would Que up for, for hours.