Editor’s Letter: December 2013

This year has flown by more quickly than I could have ever anticipated, with some of the toughest challenges and greatest moments I’ve seen so far in my 32 years. In a way, I’ve never felt more settled in my personal life but more in flux in my work life. The way we work, the online world in which we work and the audience reading feel like they’re changing every second of every day and sometimes that can feel exhausting to keep pace with. But this weekend while I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my extended family, I realized that while some times will forever be changing, some things never do. The need to be surrounded by those you love and celebrate all that they do for you- to just be thankful- is something that is both universal and never-changing. Whether we’re jumping on 15 different social media platforms to express that gratitude or just saying it face to face, the desire to be close with and appreciative of the ones we love most is something that everyone, everywhere and at any time will feel. So it’s with that spirit that we move forward into the holiday season here at D*S.

Like always, we’ll be sharing gift guides for things we think will make your loved ones happy- as well as ways to decorate your homes for the holidays. But we’re going to focus on some of the more meaningful aspects of the holidays, too. How to give people gifts that truly make them feel appreciated, how to mend fences (figuratively) with loved ones, ways to give back to those less fortunate and the feelings that we have this time of year that are related to the true meaning of the holidays- all of these and more (as well as a heck of a lot of DIY ideas) will be coming up on the site. So I hope you’ll join me and the rest of the team as we celebrate the people, places and things that we love so much. It’s going to be such a fun month full of so much love and so many great ideas to express it. xo, grace

Belinda Del Pesco

You’re so right about the focus on being *with* the ones you love, and swinging the heart around to feel thankful, especially in a season fraught with ToDo’s and packed schedules. Even though we’ve all heard it a thousand times, it’s always good to ponder it again. Breathe. Make time with family. Count Blessings. Repeat.

Zoe Tilley Poster

Lovely sentiments, and refreshing at a time of year when the craze for buying and selling seems to reign.


I am looking forward to your content cuz one of the hardest things I do all year is figure out what my rather well off (financially and otherwise) sister and family will REALLY want. I make all of my gifts and manage to make several genres (wire wrap, sewn, craft, jewelry, crochet, etc). But as nice as they are, I never again see the items unless I trip over them in the closet. I SHOULD be happy with that I guess, but I want to give them items they will use. So I was excited to see your coming lineup. :-) Thanks for the sentiments and good ideas you always present.