15 Holiday String Lights and Garlands

I love string lights. Like, reallly love them. If I didn’t have someone else watching after me, I’d probably collect enough of them to decorate a dozen trees. Thankfully my apartment won’t hold a dozen trees, so I’m forced to narrow it down to one or two sets for decorating. But if I had a mantel in my home? Watch out- that sucker would be covered in beaded garlands and greenery. Until then, I’ll continue to window-shop online and imagine a day when I have an excuse to collect garlands and lights like this. xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Vintage Glass Bead Garland $29.95, Jingle Bell Garland $18.00, Christmas Felt Pom Pom Garland $19.95, Gossamer Garland with Berries $65, Spectrum Garland $40

Image above: Pin Dot Globe Lights $68.00

Image above: Glass Mushroom Lights $58.00

Image above: Pinecone Lights $78.00

Image above: Vintage Garland Chime $20.00

Image above: Felted Owl Garland $48.00

Image above: Mercury Globe Garland $68.00

Image above: Silver Mist Lights $68

Image above: White Christmas Garland (felt) $60

Image above: Holly Jolly Garland $78.00


String lights and pretty garlands look great on bookshelves, as an alternative to mantels and trees!

rebecca m.

The felted owls are my favorite! I know my daughter would love them, too.


Not the coolest place to shop, but Big Lots had some lights like the Silver Mist garland in your choice of purple, red, or pink…for around $12


I’m looking at this list with some unfortunate disappointment. Why are so many from Anthro, Terrain and Paper Source? Why not take a few extra minutes and add some more items from small, independent retailers? Especially when so many of these are derivative (if not exact copies https://www.etsy.com/listing/97450188/oh-so-tiny-and-cute-mixed-windchimes-142) of things that can found by designers on Etsy. Why go with the cheap knock offs when you could promote the original source? I thought that would be more of a priority for an independent run blog like Design Sponge.

Grace Bonney


I understand your point and will try harder next year to find more on Etsy. I did look on Etsy but felt disappointed by the majority of what I saw when I searched in the garland category. The photographs were often not up to par for running editorially and the quality didn’t match what I was looking for. That’s clearly not the case with everything on Etsy, but when it came to garland, I was underwhelmed.

I don’t personally feel that particular strand is something either source can claim as original. Bells on colored twine has been done for quite some time, so that particular example doesn’t feel like a case of a stolen idea.

The bottom line is that we clearly do care about promote individual artists- the vast majority of the goods in all of our guides are from independent makers, by a wide wide margin. We have an independent, Made in America guide coming up next week I think might be more up your alley.



Thank you, Grace! I appreciate the time you spend creating these posts and understand the difficulties involved. It is great to know that you care about these issues and take them into consideration. Keep up the great work!