12 Modern Christmas Tree Skirts

This year my favorite bit of holiday decorating was a striped tree basket from Terrain. I don’t actually put gifts under my tree for a few reasons. First, Hope will tear them to shreds. Second, Turk will tear them to shreds. And third, I exchange gifts with my family in person so I just leave them packaged and packed so I can drive them to Virginia. So rather than a flowing tree skirt, I love how neat and tidy this basket feels under the tree. It makes everything feel clean and modern without taking away from the overall warmth of the tree. Keeping with that theme, I decided to round up the best tree skirts and baskets on the market. From simple linen and burlap to bold Marimekko patterns, there’s something here to dress up any tree. Happy decorating! xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Galvanized Tree Collar $60, Basket Tree Skirt $58, Snowdrop Tree Skirt $178, Navidad Tree Collar $60, Felt Mistletoe Tree Skirt $39

Image above: Otomi christmas tree skirt $70

Image above: Felted Tree Skirt $235

Image above: Geometric Tree skirt $59

Image above: Golden Age Tree skirt $69

Image above: Handmade tree skirt $145

Image above: Mediterranean Tree Skirt $71

Image above: Marimekko Mini Unikko Pink and Plum Tree Skirt $129


I’ve never seen those tree baskets before – how cute! Do you have any problems with Turk trying to climb and/or eat your tree? If so, any tips?


I bought myself the white-striped basket from Terrain on Monday. No tree in it yet, but I already love it!

Grace Bonney


I don’t have any problems with Turk but Hope will eat anything so I don’t put tree trimmings low enough for her to get them- so our cranberry strands stop about halfway down the tree :)



The baskets are a great idea. I also really liked the white skirt with the white and green flowers on it. Absolutely beautiful.


Love the interesting take on the treeskirts! None of the Crate links work though, do you think they’re already sold out?

Grace Bonney


ack! they were live and available last night at 6pm when i finished the post- i’m so sorry! i’m emailing CB for more info :(


Grace Bonney


i heard from CB and they unfortunately sold out- but they’re waiting to see if they can get a new shipment in for the holidays. i’m waiting to hear…

grace :)

Amanda Z.

I saw those tree collars in the Crate & Barrel catalog and thought they were genius! We have always put our tree in plastic trash can filled with pea gravel, which is hidden inside a giant ceramic pot. Then I just add water to the gravel. It works great and looks charming.


I just want to call in sick, stay home and make Christmas Crafts now!!!


Here is my solution to the Crate &Barrel galvanized tree collar.

It’s a $20 galvanized bucket from the hardware store.
Makes a great substitute for the C&B tree collar. The largest bucket fits the small and medium tree stands, but is JUST too small for the large. One option we considered was cutting out the bottom with an angle grinder and flipping it over. Which would make it look very similar to the C&B one. Setting it inside, was a little less work thought.