12 Modern Christmas Stockings

I bought new Christmas stockings this year for the first time in ages. I wanted to have something different, so I ordered some rich red Otomi stockings that reminded me of my old headboard DIY project from 2009. During my hunt for something unexpected, I found some great stockings that are a fun (and colorful) spin on the traditional knit stock style. If you’re looking to jazz up your mantel this year, these neon, pom pom, patterns and Tyvek designs could be perfect for you. Stay tuned for more trimmings (lights and garland) tomorrow! xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Boheme Stitchery Stocking $86, Otomi stocking $19.97, Pick stitch stocking $24, Tyvek® gold stockings $9.95, Icelandic stocking $48, Felted Stocking $44

Image above: Handmade Icelandic Christmas stockings $28

Image above: Pom-Stitched Stocking $48

Image above: Hand Stitched Stockings $38

Image above: Wool heart stocking $36

Image above: Felt Snowflake Stocking $19


On another site i read there were mentions by some bloggers that they feel comments are down. And I promised myself that I would take today to thank all the bloggers I read every day and appreciate so very much.

You are one of the ones on my daily check in list, so THANK YOU for all your efforts to share your world and ideas.

PS: That pom-stitched stocking is fantastic!


Love these! My favorite is the pom-pom one from Anthro. I’ll be making my own stocking tonight and there will definitely be some pom-pom action going on :]


Grace, you must be a mind reader! I was just wishing for a guide to some modern stockings and here it is. Thank you!

Kelly Hickey

Hey! I love these and your wonderful curating! My favorite stockings have always been handmade and BRIGHT that somehow reflect the style of the person.

Grace Bonney


so sorry- i deliberately wrote these guides MUCH later this year (ie: only the night before they went live) to avoid that but it happened for a few items in our guides. so sorry :(


rebecca m.

Very cute! This makes me want new stockings even though we don’t need them :)

Jennifer Armstrong

I’m with Andrea. I’m a daily reader. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to everyday. I can’t imagine the time and energy it takes to come up with new content all the time. Thank you to all of you at Design*Sponge!


I’d like to chime in with the other commentors…thanks for giving me great content to look forward to every day! It really brightens up my drab workday and definitely gives me inspiration for gifts and crafts.


I catch up on this blog every week. i love what it adds to my life! I feel I have a better eye for style (something I NEED help with) and DS has been part of my life for years now. Thanks for your efforts. I’m planning on making new stockings this year and these are very inspiring.