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Thanksgiving Tables: Matt Armendariz & Jennifer Hagler

by Maxwell Tielman


“Less is more” certainly seems to be the dictum guiding many of this year’s Thanksgiving Table features—and our final two tables in the series are no exception. Armed with simple dinnerware donated by West Elm, photographer Matt Armendariz and blogger Jennifer Hagler have designed beautiful, minimalist Thanksgiving tables that fall on opposite sides of the “monochrome” spectrum. Matt has taken the muted tone of the dinnerware and created an etherial assemblage in shades of white. Jennifer, on the other hand, utilized a moody black linen to highlight her white dinnerware and gold cutlery. Both settings are stunning in their own right and firmly modern interpretations of the classic Thanksgiving table. Whether you decide to go for an autumnal explosion of color like Connor Lesniak’s macaron-laden table, a rustic sheet-music-adorned space like Susan Brinson’sor a low-key affair like Matt or Jennifer’s, here’s hoping that your Thanksgiving tables are beautiful this year!

Check out all of the photos of Matt and Jennifer’s tables plus source notes after the jump! Cheers! —Max

Matt_Armendariz_Table_1_2013 Matt_Armendariz_Bowls_2013

Matt Armendariz: “As a photographer I work with color every day,” Matt says. “It’s a constant source of inspiration for me, and allows me to create moods and tell stories through assorted palettes. Even in my home, bright happy colors punctuated with deeper tones reign supreme. And my holiday table usually reflects this. But this year I thought about something a bit different for me as I opened the box of white dinnerware. I loved the simplicity and scale and thought about exploring the tones and shades of a single hue. In this case it’s white, anchored by white plates and accented with my all-time favorite linen napkins from Matteo, with some painted white branches and pumpkins thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait to see what a beautiful turkey and all the sides will look like showcased against the monochromatic theme. I’m already getting hungry!”

jenniferhaglertable_2 jenniferhaglertable_3 jenniferhaglertable_4

Jennifer Hagler: Jennifer’s blog, A Merry Mishap, is one of the team’s go-to sources for striking and simple Scandinavian-infused style. Her Thanksgiving table, a mixture of lights, darks, and warm metallics, showcases her trademark minimal aesthetic. Jennifer dressed up her table with a piece of dark linen from a local fabric store, dark beer glasses from IKEA, a black candle holder from HAY, vases from J. Levau, and gold flatware from West Elm.

jenniferhaglertable_5 jenniferhaglertable_6

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