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A first apartment in Brooklyn

by Amy Azzarito

Although it looks like she’s been living here for years, Taylor Anne only moved into this Crown Heights, Brooklyn apartment three months ago. In fact, she moved to New York City  just four short months ago. Taylor moved to New York from Bloomington, Indiana where she worked for a trio of indie record labels, and she came to New York for her dream job with J.Crew and Madewell. While apartment hunting, she crashed on various friends sofas for a few days at a time. She wanted to take her time to find a place that felt like home and where she could put her own personal stamp on, and it worked out. She found a neighborhood she loved and in the process learned a lot about navigating the city as she jumped from couch to couch and neighborhood to neighborhood. This is the first place Taylor has even lived where she got to see from start to finish – and therefore, feels more like home than anywhere else. Even though she’s only 25, Taylor has been collecting objects for her home as long as she can remember. She finally has a place to put everything she loves. And now, in her new city, she can come home at the end of a long day and feel instantly relaxed. Pretty impressive. Thanks, Taylor! –Amy

Image above: I still don’t know quite how this room came together, but it did.  Having the space for a queen-size bed, dresser, desk, AND wardrobe kind of threw me for a loop.  It’s actually the biggest bedroom I’ve ever had. I just searched antique stores for the pieces that I needed, and luckily, they all seem to work together just fine. My desk is actually an old outdoor table base with a painted wooden top thrown on it instead of its original glass one. (Annie Sloan paints were used for this particular project)

Image above After I found my apartment, I was desperately looking for a new light to replace the standard dome-shaped one on the ceiling in the living room.  I saw a real knock-out white faux-antler chandelier in the window of an interior design shop in Manhattan, and knew I had to find some version of it that fit into my budget (I assure you, the one in the store window did not.) I had zero luck doing so here in the city, but when I went back to Indiana to pick up the rest of my belongings a month later, I found the one pictured at my favorite antique store back home for $50. It was meant to be. I really felt like a true New Yorker when I purchased this rug.  I found it in Chelsea in the discount bin of a store for $80 (a total steal.) The sales clerk even made a comment about the price and told me I should buy it, run for the border, and never look back. She said jut to replace the word ‘border’ with Brooklyn and that’s exactly what I did. Even though it was roughly 100 degrees outside, I threw the rug over my shoulder, carried it to the subway, and have been admiring it on my floor ever since.


See more of Taylor’s Brooklyn apartment after the jump!


Image above: Moving to New York was a big jump for me. I’ve lived in relatively small communities all my life, places where I could wake up in the morning and go for a hike before work or class with friends.  I was 200% certain about my new job, but moving to NYC definitely seemed more than a little daunting to me. I’m a bit of a homebody at heart, and my idea of a good time is having friends over for dinner, so I knew if I could find an apartment that could hold all of the things that were important to me AND have space to entertain (how I pulled this off in NYC, I’ll never really know) I’d be ok.








Image above: My mother and her friend were the only reason I ever survived the physical act of moving here.  They helped me drive the U-Haul and carry my furniture up the four flights of stairs, helped me change out light fixtures, put together furniture, and I think my mom is just great at finishing touches. Like any good mother, mine pulled together this bar with all of its contents for me as a very generous (and essential) house-warming present.

Image above: When I initially went to look at this apartment, the kitchen nearly sent me running for the door… but it was a good size, and had good bones, so despite the broken floor tiles, blonde oak cabinets, and rainbow-tiled backsplash, I signed the lease anyway (after confirming that the super would replace the broken floor and that I’d be allowed to re-do the cabinets and find away to cover that rainbow backsplash.) I used a Rust-Oleum Cabinet Restoration Kit and found faux-tin roof tiles to literally glue right on top of the existing tile backsplash.


Image above: I was born in a sea-town on the coast of South Carolina, so the ocean has always been really important to me.  Being close to it again was one of the reasons I knew NYC and I’d get along so well. I wanted to find a room of the apartment where I could reflect said love for all things nautical. Even though a nautical bathroom may be kind of cliché, this just seemed like the best room to do it. The paint in this room is by Behr and it’s called “intellectual”.  It’s the only room I actually painted, everything else in the apartment was already bright white!



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    • Victoria

      She rents it by herself- that’s not an odd thing at all. If you work hard and live in an up and coming area, you can definitely afford your own place. Especially if you’re willing to walk a bit for a subway.


  • Wow. WOW! I am completely impressed and reading the whole story just puts me over the edge. Three months and your apartment looks like this? Perfectly pulled together and just enough ‘stuff’ to be lived in but not cluttered. When can I come?! Congrats on the job and apartment and future!

  • Such a great, warm space! I love that it’s thoughtfully put together but also comfortable and lived in. Great work.

    I swear I’ve seen then before, but can’t think of where–where are the awesome polka dot sheets from?

  • So pretty- I recognize some IKEA pieces in the midst of her great vintage collection :) And I’m totally going to steal that boxed-bar idea. LOVE THAT!

  • Nice place, but this is why longtime New Yorkers are getting priced out of neighborhoods like Crown Heights. Nice for these kids to have help from ma and pa.

    • Marie

      That’s an incredibly rude assumption to make. As the comments from her former roommates can attest, this apartment- and Taylor’s design skills- are very much something she’s managing on her own. I think it’s a cheap shot to assume anyone with a great home is wealthy or pricing people out of their neighborhoods.


  • Gorgeous. If I could resist the constant urge to buy brightly colored everything, this is what I’d be going for.

  • As a former roommate of Taylor’s, I can assure you she is the real deal. I ate a lot of cookies at that dining room table. Although our junky little apartment in Indiana didn’t look quite this good, she made it realize it’s full potential.

  • No wonder Taylor Anne landed a job at J Crew and Madewell – a lovely home full of cleverly put together bits and pieces which make a happy and harmonious whole!

  • Love this apartment! Especially the gallery wall. I need to find frames for my photos. I moved in to NYC from the midwest in August and my apartment is NOWHERE near this complete.

    Also, for anyone with questions about the rent/size, Crown Heights is a relatively affordable (by NYC standards) area of Brooklyn because it is still an “upcoming” neighborhood. It probably won’t be for long though! Not surprised to hear she has a roommate but there are certain “affordable” studios in Crown Heights.

  • She did a great job at gathering all the items over time. This is the key to feel really at home; to take your time and find the right pieces that represent your personality and who you are. Don’t rush things out simply for the sake of being furnished.

  • Totally in awe of this apartment — and how quickly she put it together! And I love that she has stories about almost ever piece (especially loved the antler fixture and rug backstories!). Can I move in??

  • I was about to balk because, I like Victoria, am amazed that a 25-year-old is able to rent a gigantic apartment in Brooklyn, even with a roommate.
    But then I looked at the photos again. Clearly Taylor has an incredible eye and a serious talent for design, especially for a person so young. If I can infer from this post that J.Crew/Madewell pays top dollar for talented designers, then power to everyone involved. Talented artists SHOULD be paid well and should absolutely have the opportunity to rent the apartments they would like to rent.

  • Marie, thank you for the compliment, but just because someone is young and living in a nice apartment in NYC doesn’t mean that they’re receiving help from “ma and pa.” I can assure you I’m very much making it here on my own, and very proud if it! Speaking for others in my age group, I don’t believe it’s fair to assume that just because someone is young and seems to be doing well for themself that they must be receiving financial support from their mother and father.

    • I think it’s worth nothing that our own Amy Merrick lives in (and rents) an AMAZING apartment all to herself, and has, since her early/mid twenties. She has great style, knows how to bargain hunt and is proof that you can have a great home at a young age. Also, New Yorkers spend a much higher percentage of their income on housing than most people in the other cities. It’s sadly just the way rents are here- sky high and only going up :(



  • I admire anyone so young that has vision and the positive energy to make it all happen. Beautiful apartment, girl! Had to laugh about dragging that rug home by yourself–I dragged a big military footlocker home on the subway from the West Village back to Queens late one night. But that was, oh, about 46 or so years ago and all those stairs were a pain even back then. No longer in NY, but love these Brooklyn apartment tours!

  • As (another) former roomate of Taylor’s I can validate that she has an amazing knack for design and putting forth her vision. We once completely transformed our office space in less than 6 hours and with a budget of $47. Good job, Taylor! You are brilliant.

  • Though I wouldn’t have thought this apartment was my style at all, I’m struck by how utterly comfortable it looks. It seems like the sort of place you would look forward to after returning from a long (but evidently creatively rewarding!) day at work. Thanks, Design Sponge, for broadening my decor horizons!

  • I live in NY so know it’s expensive but why are people so shocked that a 25 year old can live with a roommate in Crown Heights? Crown Heights is an up and coming part of Brooklyn and you can find a nice, 2 bedroom apartments there for around $2k. I have friends who make $45,000 a year and spend that much on their portion of the rent.

    The decor is really amazing, I love it and am impressed Taylor has amassed such great furniture at her age.

  • Lovely, lovely! I particularly like the framed owl prints above the bed, but it truly is all good. I’ve been searching for a dining table with leaves like yours—did you bring it with? Or find it second hand?

  • ^What HC said. Absolutely stunning apartment. And super impressive considering she’s all of 25. Puts my 32-year-old self to serious design shame.

  • Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, there are not enough words to stay how much I love this. Congrats Taylor on a beautifully put together living space and on your career that I can only assume will be a jumping off point for showcasing your incredible talents. The haters can only wish to have such a splendid lifestyle but their negativity will always hold them back!

  • absolutely gorgeous! love this space so much. her style is impeccable and clearly deserves that beautiful space to show it off in:)

  • This apartment is just stunning Taylor! Coming from Australia I have no idea about the price of housing in NY and I can’t comment on this angle, but at the age of 25 I was living in my own home and I know it required a huge amount of sacrifice and ‘thrifting”-sacrificies I was totally prepared to make for the sake of having my own little ‘nest’. I think if you have making a ‘home’ as one of your priorities in life – no sacrifice is too big and any space you inhabit you can make your own!

  • I especially love the first photo of the living room. Very sophisticated for a 25 year old! In particular I love the antler chandelier (and the story behind how she found it). It all comes together beautifully!

  • Stunning and serene. Just the kind of place to come home to after a long day’s work. If this young woman is only 25 years old, it will be interesting to see what her design asthetic will be in her 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and so on. Well done and well appointed home. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  • Taylor! I’m 25, and I’m in the neighborhood, please come fix up my apartment!! But seriously…I can’t even get myself to hang pictures and I’ve been in this apartment for almost 6 months. I have a history with your dream job company, so I totally resonate with your style! I love what you did with the apartment! Great job!

  • Umm when can I move in? :) I wish my former hole-in-the-wall NYC apartment had at least 1/10 the style this one does! You perfectly master elegant/sophisticated + cozy…and I love all the black/white. You are obviously very talented – kudos to you for making a home in such a short amount of time. Hope you love your new city!

    (And please, ignore all these haters)

  • Beautiful job, Taylor!! Just wanted to quickly respond to comments about 25 year olds not being able to find affordable and beautiful places. It’s hard but it can be done… I did it too when I moved here at the same age.. rented an AWESOME (crumbly/ vintagey but awesome) room in the East Village within a larger rent controlled apartment for $700 a month! It just takes persistence and like you mention, willingness to sleep on couches along the way. Again, great work and- welcome to the city :)

  • The world isn’t perfect & I think the negative comments just keep it real & encourage dialogue. It’s one of the things I like about Design*Sponge…

  • This apartment is a dream! Congrats from a a fellow 25-year-old on finding such an awesome place and decorating it so beautifully. You have such great taste!

  • Taylor–I’m 24 and from Michigan, hoping to move to DC in the next few years. We own a home in Grand Rapids and it’s not nearly as beautiful as your apartment but still really nice and we remodeled it ourselves. I have been also collecting things for years for our home. Isn’t it funny how one can be dismissed for age? I find you terribly inspiring as another mid-twenties female Midwesterner and wish you nothing but health and utter happiness. I hope you have all of the dinner parties and bask in your perfectly curated apartment. Your hard work is paying off!

  • Taylor, you’ve done a fantastic job with your new place! I’m so impressed with how quickly you’ve set it up. I too am a woman in my mid-twenties living in an expensive city and determined to make my (tiny; I share a a studio with my boyfriend) space as comfortable and stylish as possible. As long as the bills are paid, a healthy dose each of optimism, energy, and patience with thrifting, antiquing, and dragging stuff out of alleys goes much farther in creating happy, personal décor than any (nonexistent in my case as well) cash infusions from the ‘rents.

    Big congrats on the move and the dream job! I wish you lots of success in the big city.

  • The things I like about this post include (but are not limited to): the comfy and cozy bedroom, the entertaining-friendly living/dining room and Taylor’s classy response to a jerky and presumptuous comment. Keep it up, Taylor — you’re definitely going places!

  • Good job Taylor! You obviously have a lot of talent and your home reflects it. For all the naysayers, I say who are you to assume or judge. My daughter, who is only 24 and in the film industry, had her first apartment in Laurel Canyon in the hills of LA. It was a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. We are not able to help her financially so she and her room mate had to do it on their own. They have since moved to another part of the city to be closer to work. They are both talented artists who work hard to live in LA. As a mom I take offense that someone would accuse them of getting help from us, or anyone, without even knowing the circumstances. Be proud of the home you have created and forget all the judgement from people who don’t know your story. Your apartment looks amazing!

  • Man, I’ve been living in my apartment for 2 years and it does not look that together! Jealous!

  • I think envy can bring out the worst in people. Taylor be proud of your beautifully curated home. You sound like a bit of a home body who likes to entertain, so it’s especially great that you found a space that you could manipulate into a true home (on a budget) where you can happily host amazing soirees. I hope you enjoy living in NYC as much as I did at your age. Even though it’s a big city, I’m sure you’ve discovered that all the little neighbourhoods can feel like “small towns” amidst this big city. Have FUN!

  • Love it!

    can you tell me… what color did you use for the kitchen cabinets? I, too, dislike blonde oak.. ick.

  • Such a genuine home, simple, classy. Loved the back stories too! Having carried a rug back from Spain to the UK 20 years ago (still loved and in use), I bet there are some really great ‘Lugging treasures home’ stories out there!

  • Very nice. I’d love to see this place at night, the lighting looks great. I live in nyc, and it’s not unusual at all for young people to have their own place in a neighborhood like crown heights, you just have to be a little intrepid to live there ;) At any rate, you clearly have a knack for this stuff, so looks like you’re in the right line of work! Congrats!

  • Love it!

    can you tell me… what color did you use for the kitchen cabinets? I, too, dislike blonde oak.. ick.

    ooh, also… are the curtains in the sitting room black? Or pewter? They look different depending on the shot…


  • As another former roommate and recent visitor to Taylor’s beautiful new home, I find the comments expressing disbelief that she could have done this without “ma and pa” a little hilarious because they are a testament to the incredible job she did with this space. Anyone who knows Taylor has a keen sense of her thriftiness, inventiveness, and impeccable aesthetic. The stylish elegance she brought to our household is missed!

  • This is the most beautiful home tour I’ve seen in a long time. And it was put together in just a few months? Now that’s even more amazing. I can relate that moving into a dream apartment is a lot of work. Lots of hunting to find that most perfect space and lots of work to make it completely your own. Kudos to Taylor!! Especially since your apartment is on the fourth floor. My dream apartment is up four floors in a walk up and the misery my friends endured to make sure my move-in happened will never be forgotten. hehehe…

  • Shazam. I’m just amazed that there is a ‘first’ apartment anywhere, much less NYC, that does not include a crumby futon and an Ikea torch lamp. This gal has style! If this is what it looks like at 25, I can’t even wait to see what it looks like at 35. Color me impressed.

  • Taylor: Good for you! Your life will go well. As you know, nay sayers will always abound. I bought my own condo in a great part of my city back when I was 27 and had collected things over the years before I actually bought it, so when I moved in, it was fully furnished (and furnished well). Everyone thought my parents must have done something for me. Nope. It was my hard work and tough choices that made it happen for me. Good for you! I must say, your starting out style is more sophisticated than mine was- mine has evolved there over the last 8 years. Good for you- it’s beautiful!!!!!!

  • So wonderful to see so many people recognize Taylor’s warm, loving space! As one of the couch donate-rs early in the process, it was awesome to see in person what a beautiful apartment Taylor has created for herself.
    Please don’t doubt that she has put in a lot of work to find this space, she works hard at a job she loves and she entertains with a warm smile and welcoming aura! She learned these things from her Ma, but certainly does them all herself!

    Go you, Taylor! Can’t wait to be invited back! PS I love it in the day time! Fezziwig says he would like to come over. xx

  • Wow (That has to be the first word I use). Taylor–your style shines through in the photos. I love the mix in your collection, and the natural touches–branches, antlers, owls, etc. Your apartment has an old soul–showing your wisdom in style. Love it. Good luck with your new job/apartment/life in NYC. And yay for moms! I’ll swing by next time I’m in the City for a drink… ;)
    PS-This story is a great example of why I love DesignSponge.

  • I recently married into a 3-bedroom home in Austin. I have a small amount of envy for people with small spaces, like my NYC living sister. I feel like a smaller space can be completely pulled together so much quicker because you don’t have a dozen rooms to furnish, pain, and accessorize. The apartment looks great! Excellent taste. I hope Taylor is really proud of her move, job, and design skills!

  • love the black, brown and white palette…very soothing even though she has a lot of stuff! i wish I could walk around and look at all her vignettes.

  • As someone who was assumed to be subsidized by mom and dad when my then boyfriend and I bought our first home in suburban Chicago at 23 and 25 years old respectively, I advise you just ignore the haters and find joy in the fact that you know the truth. Its a slippery slope and you should just totally avoid fighting it–besides, the people who matter know you and your efforts. And BTW, awesome space! I love the rustic and antique mixed with more modern elements. I think this combo is absolutely the coolest! Best wishes on your sweet new gig and lovely new home!

  • @ Dominique I completely agree!! Having a large space can be overwhelming. My spouse and I moved into a massive heritage home complete with a garage, wine cellar and loft attic, in addition to several bedrooms, bathrooms and a massive pantry and it was a challenge not only to decorate but to live in. I felt too isolated in the home and with just my spouse and myself that’s the opposite of how I want to feel. I want to feel connected and have togetherness in my home. In the end we decided it wasn’t the space for us, despite the character and space and moved into a modern 3 bed townhouse. Now we feel at home, both in design and how we spend time together in the space. By the way, I’m 25 and my partner is 29. Having it all (a house or flat and great design) is possible at any age! And this apartment is really lovely, bravo Taylor.

  • What a great, mature space. Kudos to the inhabitants! I am also a bit dismayed at all the negative feedback. My husband and I bought a house in our 20’s in San Diego, CA (not a cheap city either) without ANY help from “ma & pa.” We purchased in a low-income neighborhood with great housing stock. We are constantly having to hear how terrible we are for “gentrifying” the neighborhood (although we are within the same income level as most of our neighbors). Or questioned incessantly on how we could afford such nice furnishings, the answer: years of collecting deals from thrifts shops, hand me downs and barter. Anything is possible if you really work at it. The negative comments are clearly folks testifying their own jealousies. I think it’s wonderful to see young folks living well and working hard. I hate the automatic assumption that if you have something nice you must’ve had help from your parents. Projection, much? What a bright talent with a great future ahead of her. :)

  • Very inspiring, lovely! I am from the UK but I live in Barcelona, Spain, I am just moving into a new tiny apartment but in a great area and a roodtop terrace to my self to enjoy the lovely Spanish weather. I get lots of inspiration from design sponnge, perhaps my apartment will be featured in DS in a few months time soon too :-) muchos besos xx

  • Taylor, thank you for sharing your wonderful apartment and your incredible skills at pulling together a sophisticated style on a budget. Love the almost “Carrie Bradshaw” apartment details… the old typewriter and vintage thrift glamour!

    Creating ambiance in living spaces is a skill few can emulate, but many will covet…

    Btw for readers seeking more spots in their life, Rachel Castle does amazing polka dot sheets and pillow cases here:


    And she ships worldwide too :)

  • Definitely Taylor!! Such a great eye for design, color, and texture!! Congrats to you and can’t wait to see it all in person!!! Love you!!

  • Beautiful design! Can you please share what type of little trees decorate the dining table?
    Thanks! Miriam

  • This apartment is stunning. I never leave comments and I’m one of those serial lurkers who feel like they’ve “been there, seen that” when it comes to online galleries of homes but I’m truly impressed and blown away by the warmth and style of this home. My first home in New York was also in Crown Heights and looking at the insides of this lovely apartment made me nostalgic (although my apartment wasn’t a quarter as fabulous, it had the same great bones). Congratulations Taylor – I’m excited someone with your vision is working at JCrew and Madewell, two of my favorite brands.

  • this has been a really design-inspiring sneak peek. I’m trying to get the black and white and shiny glam look going and the rug has made me realise how a good one pulls it together so well. As do the curtains. And mirror.

    Also love the style of the legs on the coffee table, side table and shelving, has given me a lot to think about as I hadn’t considered something so “plain”. Thank you so much.

  • although i’m a couple of days late, i definitely feel the need to join the conversation…

    rent is a tremendous problem in new york (for various reasons) and many (if not most) new yorkers have to make compromises. my husband and i grew up in queens, got jobs in queens before we were married (we’re both teachers) and continue to live in queens because the rent is more affordable. we spend a lot of our free time in brooklyn but we have a car and, rather than commute to work, we commute to our entertainment. with a lot of effort put into it, we have a great but affordable apartment and, while the location isn’t ideal, it works for us.

    on a side note, we were 25 when we moved into our apartment and a lot of our neighbors made assumptions about our finances also. of course, that’s nobody’s business and that totally sucks. we took a little bit of time to move in and some neighbors even assumed that we called off the wedding. that’s maddening enough without internet strangers making rude/ignorant criticisms as well.

    taylor…congrats to you on your new job and gorgeous apartment. it’s taken me 4 years for me to accomplish what you have in just 3 short months. new york is truly the most wonderful place. all the best to you.

  • Hi there. I know how much it costs to live in NYC. I live in NYC (have lived here 14 years) as a designer and have an apt by myself in Brooklyn. No roommates. So yes, I know it is possible and do it myself. If you read what she wrote, she mentions she got help from her mother in the moving process. That’s about it.

  • This is a lovely apartment. Just beautiful. It is so stylish and grown up. It says a lot about Taylor’s maturity and the fact that she doesn’t want to live like a lot of 25 year olds in NY. The last time I posted on here was about that young man who hired a designer to do his small place and the designer put dog paintings on the wall. The whole place looked like it was designed by a 10 year-old. Taylor’s place is amazing and wonderful. Good for you and congratulations.

  • Cant help myself… Im a 26yr old mom of 1 & live in South Africa, and since I bailed on a low paying day job to freelance in architecture & design, many many many people/family/friends have felt the need to comment on my/our financial survival.
    My husband also runs his own business, and we love this freedom.
    Iv learnt tho, never to express any joy of success, or sorrow of failures to “them” because it fuels their “judgmental fire”.
    And I keep it real, by looking to these awesome sites for inspiration, knowledge and ideas.
    So lets keep it real btw.. Have a lekker day all!

  • Hi Everyone! Thank you SO very much for the unbelievable amount of support and kindness you’ve all shared. It’s been so lovely to read all of YOUR stories about being young and making it work in the big city.

    I just wanted to respond to a few of the questions about where some of these things came from!

    Sheets: Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx several seasons back.
    Living Room Curtains: Dark grey and from Target
    Bathroom frames: Ikea ($2 a piece. Can’t beat that.)
    Couch/Coffee Table: West Elm
    Tiny Trees on table: Mini faux olive trees from a little shop back in Bloomington.
    Earrings: J.Crew, of course!! :)

  • I am altogether envious, in awe, proud (of someone I don’t know!), inspired, and just so happy to see photos this charming and warm apartment, and read that it belongs to a young woman starting a new phase life. The memories!

    It looks friendly, inviting, pulled-together, and thoughtful. I can only wish I was as talented, when I was 25 and now at 36, to have the ability to pull a home like this together! Great work, congratulations on landing your dream job, and know you create your own good fortune.

  • Taylor, your place is homey yet pulled together. Just lovely. I did have a question: is your bed skirt just a flat sheet? I like the simplicity of it and I’ve been looking everywhere for something plain and dimple that covers the box spring, hangs down, but isn’t just a flat sheet… Thanks!

  • There are so many clever decorating ideas on a dime here. I love the kitchen backsplash and antler chandelier! I really enjoyed this post, she’s pulled together such a warm inviting home.

  • Very inspiring! Where did you get the white frames in the hall? Love how “flat” they are.

  • I am distressed by all the negativity in some of the comments! This is a website devoted to lovely design, and this apartment is a testament to that!!! Keep up the amazing styling, and I’m only jealous my place is not as put together. Love from the West Coast!

  • I love this. It’s not my style, but it’s so obviously HER style that it looks incredibly comfortable and cohesive. A good lesson in why decorating for YOU makes everything come together… it’s so much better than trying to decorate to some “ideal you”.

    A beautiful home. As a 24-year-old young woman, I refute any of the above comments that age has anything to do with it. A: what someone does with her money is her problem (and for goodness sake she has a roommate! who is probably so happy to live in such a pretty place that she pays double!) and B: age has nothing to do with creativity and very little to do with style execution!

    Thanks, Taylor, for sharing your awesome apartment.

  • It’s not moderate salaried working people like Taylor who are pricing longtime New York residents out. I think you can save your misdirected disdain for those who make an adjusted income of $500k and up per year and much more for changing the fabric of the city.

    Great place and very cozy. I love fortuitous stories like the one about your chandelier, and I think it is a good metaphor for the outlook you have to have in finding your place at a decent price in New York- you could pay a fortune or you can keep looking and work hard, being savvy and patient and find something to be proud of that’s one of a kind.

  • Lovely apartment. It reminds me of Sue Johnson, the famous lamp designer from California, whose Masters project at UNC Greensboro was to decorate a whole house for $200 (that’s about 1/3 the price of her lamps.) If you have good taste, patience, technical skill at making things, and restraint, you can decorate a whole apartment for a little money.

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love how well put together it is and how inviting it looks. You should be proud. I’m 32 and have started to redecorate after 7 yrs and love this look.

  • I find the snarky comments utterly ridiculous. Jealous much?
    And that box bar idea is awesome.

  • The bar box is simply a wood wine crate from a local liquor store which I stained with some MinWax Ipswich I had leftover from one of my projects. So simple and completely free! Had fun contributing to a small piece of Taylor’s stylish new home! Can’t wait to see what she does next.

  • This place is really lovely. I wish I could’ve pulled off that much style and sophistication in my 20’s.

  • Stunning place! I can not wait to have my own apartment to decorate. This will definitely serve as inspiration.

  • Hi Taylor! Congratulations on your beautiful space and for making it in NYC! You truly made your place feel like a home. I absolutely love the owl prints above your bed–can I ask where you found them? Thank you!

  • Came across this on a whim. Don’t know who you are but congrats on the new job and the new apartment! :) The styling is wonderful and makes me inspired to get to work on our “new”house. (we bought in march…haha…but then again a lot of other stuff gets in the way with home owership – you mean I need a lawn mower and a snowblower?). And disregard other commenters about age and $$….seems like regardless of upbringing, you’ve paved a way for yourself and you should be proud of that.

  • I live in Brooklyn and really love getting a peek into other apartments. This one in particular is very inspired, curated and effortless all at the same time.

    I think it’s silly that you are receiving comments about your age, occupation, and ability to rent a NYC apartment! How is that relevant to your obsurdly keen eye for design!!? Good on you for all of it!

  • Wow, I wish I had this kind of apartment, and I’m a few years older! Looks like I need to stop making excuses of not owning my own place!

    I really love the owls above your bed. Any hints on where you got the prints and the frames? Thanks!

  • All I can say is.. I’m so jealous… and lazy and doing something wrong in my home!!! lol!! My dream apartment for sure!!

  • Taylor, I’m trying to figure out how you did the tin back splash in the kitchen. Can you give some more details on how you found the tiles, attached them to the ones in place? Would love to see a close-up shot. Beautiful apartment: congratulations!!!

  • Amazing and and gorgeous! Clearly no detail has been overlooked in this apartment. I really hope to make my place look so put together and cohesive one day!

    A couple questions for you, Taylor…if you don’t mind sharing: Where is the chair in your living room from? And I see someone else has asked about the frames for your gorgeous Audobon prints and I too am curious where they came from!

    Congratulations on having such an amazing apartment and amazing job in an amazing city!

  • Taylor – I love your apartment!! It’s so calming and I love all the accent pieces you used to make the space have your personal stamp. I was wondering where you got your bookshelves from? Congrats on making the move to NY! It’s awesome to see examples of young women being successful and independent. It’s obvious from reading that you have been thoughtful and mindful of budget in all your home choices – I love to see that come to life because it gives me inspiration. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  • As an almost-25 year old moving out of a shared apartment and into my own place in a week in Brooklyn, I can honestly say that it’s totally doable for someone my age to live on their own. Yes, apartments cost a lot of money here. But we also tend to make more money than our counterparts in the rest of the country. And it is possible to save your pennies and find an apartment you truly love. It’s possible to go out less and spend bar money on a new rug. It’s so rude of people to assume you get help from your parents. Why do we enjoy discrediting others’ talents and hard work?

    On a lighter note, I’m currently looking for rugs for my new place like a crazy woman. Taylor, could you share what Chelsea store you found your rug in?

  • Lovely home! I would LOVE to know where you found the Moravian light? I’ve been on the look-out for one for my entry hall, too. I just love them. Thanks!

  • Gorgeous!!!! When you can’t tell what’s expensive and what’s not – and you don’t care because everything is so beautiful – you know you have a genius on your hands. You should moonlight as an interior designer!!

  • Hi Everyone! I’m so overwhelmed with all of the responses here. Thank you again for all the lovely messages and kind words!

    Just responding to a few more questions…

    The owl prints in my bedroom came from a bird book that I picked up (Barnes and Noble always seem to have these in their sale section) and have been dissecting for prints for years. The natural frames that they’re in are from Target!

    The flat frames in the bathroom are Ikea, as well as all of the bookshelves.

    The backsplash tile is a product I found at Home Depot, and can either be adhered with strong adhesive tape or glue. Great for renters who aren’t able to replace existing tile because it can be easily removed when you move out!

    ^My tiles color is called “cross hatch silver”

    All the best!! AND THANK YOU AGAIN!

    • Love your sense of style!!! I’d love to know where you found your polka dot sheets

  • beautiful home! im late in commenting but i was really hoping taylor is still reading and can comment– i just moved to bloomington and was wondering what/where your favorite antique shop was? i’d love to browse. thanks somuch!

  • Bravo, Taylor! It is always refreshing to see someone succeed. Keep up the beautiful work, you have an incredible talent.

  • Congrats on the beautiful space, Taylor! I’ve lived in my apartment in Queens for about 6.5 years now (gasp!) and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to make it “me” despite renting. You’re place is inspiring – and that you’ve done it so quickly is amazing! I especially love the tin-tile backsplash, something I’ve been considering doing for about a year now, but haven’t gotten around to.

    PS: For those haters out there – I managed to rent my huge (by NY standards) 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place even when unemployed and living off loans during law school – first with a roommate and then with my boyfriend (now husband). Anything is possible, even (especially?) in NY, with some good planning and hard work. Leave the girl alone!

  • Congrats on your new place! It looks so cozy and awesome. Love it! Also, where did you find your star pendant light? I’ve been combing the internet and stores for something reasonably priced and can’t seem to find anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Gorgeous! So lovely to have a mature design eye at such a young age – very welcoming and pulled together. You’ll go far!

  • Beautiful space! It looks so organic, stylish, comfortable, homey .. at the same time. Great job, and congratulations on being a successful 25 year old (with minimal help from ma and pa lol)!

  • Very pretty space. Question – how do the faux tin tiles go near the stove? I have ordered some to cover up my hideous backsplash but then my husband thought they might melt near the heat..?

  • My favorite space every featured. You have such talent Taylor. Best of luck to you in your new position!

  • This is a wonderful apartment! I’ve had a hard time comprehending the negativity regarding Taylor’s age–who cares if she’s 25 and has done such a great job in her life? Kudos to you, dear, and ignore the naysayers. When I was 25 I was married to a totally self-centered, self-absorbed man who “decorated” our very tiny house in guns, archery equipment, knives, tires, and other junk that made home a repulsive place to be. A wonderful place like Taylor’s would have been most welcome, believe me! Now that I have a weensy place I’m renting, I’m going to make it my own as much as possible, a place I want to be in.

  • Okay I know I’m late to the game but where are the sheets from? Love your entire apartment and wish I had that much style in my early 20’s. Kudos!!!

  • I’m late to the party here in spring 2016…. and want to chime in that i love love love what you did here. come and help me with mine? :)