Quercus & Co. Wall Hangings + Wallpaper

by Grace Bonney

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We’re getting ready to take on a massive makeover of our D*S office (it’s a mess), so I’ve been hunting for wallpaper and wall hangings to bring a little life to our mostly black and white space. Quercus & Co. has a seriously colorful collection of wall hangings and wall paper that bring bold colors to patterns inspired by traditional kilims and tiles. I’m a big fan of the blue and pink color palettes, but there are some bright greens that would look great in a modern space as well. If these patterns aren’t quite your style, there are also some traditional color charts for sale that come with beautiful brass hardware detailing. They’d be a great gift for an art student- they’re a nice step up from posters taped to the wall. Click here to check out Quercus & Co.’s full collection and shop online. xo, grace

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