Perennial Calendar from Saipua + Brown Parcel Press

The interconnectedness of the creative community is endlessly inspiring to me. Hearing about people working together, even in completely different materials or niches, always makes me want to reach out and try something totally new with someone in our broad creative world here in New York. One great example is this new calendar from Saipua and Brown Parcel Press. Megan Fowler and Gaelle Boling of Brown Parcel Press were already fans of Saraha Ryhanen’s work at Saipua, but were so moved by her answers in this Biz Ladies profile that they decided to reach out and ask about collaborating with her. The result is a gorgeous limited-edition calendar that features six letterpress prints inspired by Saipua’s seasonal arrangements. Brown Parcel Press’ goal was to make a calendar that could function as art in someone’s home long after the calendar year so each print was designed to stand alone, as well as reflect the month on the page. The calendars are being sold on Brown Parcel Press’ site right here ($45 each) as well as in person at Saipua’s brick-and-mortar storefront in Brooklyn. Click here for more info and to check out the calendar in detail. Thanks, Megan! xo, grace


More examples from the calendar after the jump…


Perennial is a collection of six letterpress prints containing carefully detailed illustrations and floral- inspired colors from Saipua’s seasonal arrangements. . The calendar retails for $45 and can be purchased directly from Brown Parcel Press’ online shop or Saipua’s brick and mortar storefront in Brooklyn.

Belinda Del Pesco

Gorgeous! Even though they’re still life compositions, they remind me of Gustav Baumann landscape woodcuts. The palette and styling/shape-making of the foliage is similar. Really beautiful. Very frame-able. :)