New: Studio Bonn Textiles + Weekly Wrap Up

Designer Bonnee Sharp of Studio Bonn is one of my favorite textile designers around. Not only does she design beautiful patterns fabrics, but she also has one of my favorite homes we’ve ever featured here on the site. I’m always excited to see what Bonnee’s working on, so I was excited to hear from her this week about her latest collection of fabrics.

Bonnee’s Fall 2013 collection is hand-printed and includes 25 new designs, including some softer pinks and golds- a nice variation on the typically crisp and bright colors Bonnee is so well known for. I love these softer pieces, but am still drawn toward the bright reds and pinks she uses, too. The whole collection is definitely worth checking out, so click here to view it in full online and place an order. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:



I’m crazy for these prints! They look good enough to eat! I’ve been looking for a bolder print that isn’t stripes or polka dots, you know, the usual. These will do just fine! Thanks!


I believe Studio Bonne only sells to the trade.You mention to go to their website to place an order, but perhaps I am missing the spot to do that???I actually wrote them last year, called and tracked down where they sell (only to trade). Never heard back from the studio. Such a bummer – if I am wrong about this, would love to find out where someone could purchase some of these beautiful fabrics.