This year’s Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn was a gold mine of great new artists and ideas. I’d stopped going for a few years because the work being displayed didn’t feel as exciting as it used to, but this year I bought just about every single Christmas and Hanukkah gift on my life at the show. In addition to getting most of my shopping to-do list done at Renegade, I got to see some familiar artists doing great new projects. One of those artists was Sara Berks. I’d seen a show of Sara’s earlier illustration work in Greenpoint a year prior and admired her way with geometric line work. But to see her expand into woven artwork was a great surprise. I’ve always had a soft spot for pieces that use more traditional techniques in modern ways, so these colorful geometric pieces are right up my alley. Sara’s full collection was on display at Renegade, but you can also check out (and purchase) some of her work online right here. Congrats to Sara on the new collection and to Renegade for putting together one heck of a show this year. xo, grace






Well, I can’t not comment on this collection for the sake of a name in common! What nice pieces to warm up cold winter walls.