Laundry Studio Wallpapers for Hygge & West

I’m always happy to see collaborations that involve so many different parts of the country (and world) inspiring each other. These beautiful new wallpapers by Portland’s Laundry Studio were produced for Hygge & West (Northern California) after an inspiring trip to Mexico. Each of their six new designs comes in at least two different colorways (some have 4 different color options), with patterns inspired by traditional wooden doors and symmetrical “talavera” tiles. Laundry Studio also used a stippling technique to create a mosaic of small hand-drawn shapes that remind them of the beauty of Mexico and traditional Mexican designs. The new collection just launched last night, so click here to check out the full series and order samples or full rolls online. Thanks, Christiana! xo, grace


More colorways and styles after the jump…






The wallpapers are beautiful, but I just want to know where those plates came from!


oooo these are fantastic!
…. i however am curious more of the wall art and home accessories !
(which proves the wallpaper is doing its job correctly ;)


I agree…beautiful wallpaper…but cant look past the awesome buffalo heads and branch antlers!! how do i get my hands on those!?


i think the wallpaper is gorgeous – can’t wait to see more.

Renee Ozer

Those are Fornasetti plates. Just google them, but brace yourself for sticker shock.


Thank you for the lovely post, Grace!

*wicker bull heads are from Jayson Home, branch antlers are from Woodshop SF and plates are Fornasetti :)


Oh man, where can I get that black heart valve vase on the gold table!!???


We have similar rattan bulls heads at Studio C. They are handmade for us by a pair of sisters in Costa Rica. No two are alike. Contact us here: We can send you pictures. And they do look great on that amazing wallpaper!
Thank You, Christina!


The wallpaper patterns/designs are absolutely amazing!! Wish I had sufficient wall space…..I would love to have all of them. The wallpaper is beautiful artwork just by itself!

Martha Hopkins

What about the inlaid chair (or painted? Or whatever!)

Love your wallpapers. Absolutely beautiful.


I love the wallpaper in the first and last photos! This is the first time I’ve considered using wallpaper in my own home.