Instagram Challenge: Thank You Notes for Thanksgiving


One of the more charming (or overly saccharine—you decide) annual traditions of Thanksgiving is going around the dining room table and saying, one by one, what you are thankful for. The responses, likely made hastily in an effort to get on with the food, may not reflect the true sentiments of any one person. Indeed, although the purpose of Thanksgiving is to ostensibly give thanks, this often gets lost on the wayside. Because Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, we thought that this would be a wonderful time to start thinking ahead about what we’re really thankful for. So—without further ado—I present November’s Design*Sponge Instagram Challenge— Thank You Notes!

Here’s the deal: We want to know what you are thankful for or who you owe thanks to—in the form of a personalized thank you note. Too often, the people who deserve the most gratitude—parents, teachers, siblings, friends— go unthanked, so this is a wonderful way to express your thanks. Write out a brief note (it can be anywhere from a few words to a few sentences), snap a photo of it, and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #DSThanksgiving. We will choose our favorites and post them on Thanksgiving Day (it’s November 28!). Start ‘grammin! —Max

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I love this idea! I have been writing a thank you a day this month and posting pics on IG (I haven’t posted every single day but have written one every single day) with the hashtag #30daysofthankyouletters. Will be sure to tag one for DS too. :)