I need these immediately: Ikea Ranarp Lights

by Maxwell Tielman


Oh, IKEA, you seductive little temptress, you. This is always how you get me. Right when my wallet is at its emptiest and I’ve reached my absolute spending limit for the week the month eternity. You gotta go and release something AWESOME. As if you weren’t awesome enough already with your cute little duvet covers and Swedish meatballs. Nope—you have to go and one-up yourself and come out with something like your new RANARP lights.

IKEA, you totally have my number. Because these lights? They are all I’ve ever wanted. With beautiful matte-coated bodies, brass [okay, it’s painted brass “color”] details, and cloth covered black and white cords (are you hyperventilating yet?), these little lovelies are beyond chic for their rock-bottom price. Did I mention that they start at $19.99? Yeah. In conclusion: IKEA, you are my spirit animal. And reader, get over to IKEA before I beat you to it and buy every single one of these bad boys! —Max


Thanks to Deuce Cities Henhouse for the heads up!

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  • Thanks for the intel! I need to make a trip to IKEA, like, now. You think my boss would care if I disappeared for a few hours?

  • We bought the small pendant and the clip light a few weeks ago. THEY ARE AWESOME. Really sturdy feeling and beautiful!

  • Aahhh man, we’ve just spent an absolute fortune in Ikea lately on our new house & then you tempt me with these beauties which have just come in!!!!!!

  • I just bought the floor lamp a few weeks ago! I feel especially validated now that design sponge have featured it

  • LOVE THESE! I bought all of these last month but not the little wall clip lights as they have sadly been recalled due to a fault but they should be back in stock in January 2014 (at least in Norway, anyway!)

  • I saw the standing light version a month ago and bought it on the spot! Those lights *are* hitting all the right spots:)

  • LOSING MY MIND OVER THESE. Thank you for bringing to my attention. Now how am I going to trick the husband into making the trip to Ikea with me?!

  • I was in IKEA last month and stopped in my tracks when I saw these! I’d been needing a desk lamp for a while, but nothing seemed interesting…I couldn’t believe what a great price they were too! A beautifully designed IKEA keeper!

  • These are fantastic! Max, I love when you do product reviews! You have a knack for finding items that are practical, beautiful, easily accessible, and, most importantly, AFFORDABLE! Keep up the great work!

  • I have been waiting forever for the Edmonton store to stock the clamp light. I want to clamp it to my drafting table!!!! But apparently they’re out of stock everywhere in Canada, and as many readers are also saying, in other parts of the country, too.
    Apparently the other models are in stock… just not the clamp. Waaaaa… still crying.

  • These are nice! I need to create a more adult look in my place. Headed to IKEA this weekend!

  • These are awesome, and I know I am preaching to the choir here, but this is exactly the kind of IKEA merchandise I stray away from. I feel like it’s pulling from so many individual designers out there (OneFortyThree, to name just one), and purchasing the mass-produced copycat just leaves me with cheap guilt. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of my home is IKEA-furnished, but I am slowly trying really hard to purchase only larger necessary items that can sink into the background, and then save my pennies to purchase the nicer things from legitimately talented and hardworking individuals… and it also helps avoid the sad conversation when company comes over: Friend: “This is so cool! Where did you get it?!” Me: “Oh… uhm, it’s just IKEA.”

  • “… cute little duvet covers…” Might just be because it’s morning, but that made me lol. Thanks!

  • I love that you guys all have your own individual voices, I started reading this one and said to myself, “Oh yeah, this is definitely Max.”

  • I really like the wall mounted lamp EXCEPT the clamp. It just seems like lazy design to me. The clamp is just like the hardware lamps you find at Home Depot. I might end up getting a couple of them anyhow, because they’re super cute otherwise.

  • I thought it was odd that none of the California locations had these in stock, and you couldn’t be sent a reminder for these locations for when the RANARP products became available. After emailing customer service, this is what I found out:

    “Unfortunately, our IKEA California store locations do not offer this lamp for sale, as California law has restrictions on certain lighting products. Please note, IKEA does not transfer product between them, since the shipping costs that would be associated with such transfers would be prohibitive.”

    Say what? :( Does this mean no Californians will be able to get their hands on one of these products unless someone from out of state can get one for them? It makes me sad since these lamps are so pretty!

  • I got the floor lamp today. Just a heads up that they *technically* have a 11W restriction….probably going to test its limits though!

  • Does anyone know why the lamps are prohibited in California? If it is an 11 W bulb, it’s unlikely that they waste energy. Is there a Prop 65 problem (toxicity or carcinogenesis)? I like the look of the lamp and don’t feel that it is just a knock off of one existing design, so I’ll probably go buy it, but it would be nice to know more.

  • Bought the standing lamp a few months ago. It’s fantastic! Surprisingly charming & quality details for IKEA.

  • The clamp lights are back in stock at some Ikeas. A friend of mine said he saw one on display in Southern California, but I’m not sure if they’re on sale. I would love to get a couple.

  • I just bought the desktop version yesterday and it’s defective! There is ONE screw on the whole thing and there is no whole drilled, making it impossible to keep the light together. Anyone else experience this? EFF YOU IKEA AND YOUR AWESOME DEFECTIVE STUFF THAT I CANT’ GET ENOUGH OF!

  • I have exactly the same problem. Bought 2 lamps, one is defective. Not sure what to do, I just want it to work.