Human/House/Harvey: Shaggy

by Stephanie

Human House Harvey, shag
People who first meet my pup, Mr. Harvey, usually react with one of two phrases: 1)”Oh my, isn’t he cute!” (proud mama) or 2) “Goodness he’s a shaggy guy!” Both statements are, in fact true…and not entirely unrelated either. So my pup’s crazy locks got me thinking about the various shag swag (couldn’t resist the rhyme) that is available out there for me, my home and my pup and I thought I’d share a couple of them with you today.

HUMAN – I think this winter is going to be about some fabulous accessories for me, starting with this faux fur neck wrap.

HOUSE – It’s an extremely flamboyant luxury piece, but I can’t help but love this over-the-top shag ottoman.

HARVEY – On chillier nights, my pup and I like to get a snuggle in on the couch. But instead of getting the couch covered in fur, I might just have to grab this cozy shag dog bed and make Harvey scoot over instead!

If your pup is anything like mine, you probably find yourself vacuuming/sweeping up your pup’s fur every day (maybe even every couple of hours). So I thought I’d share a couple of tricks and products I’ve found to help fight the fuzz frenzy, which is pretty intense in my household with a seriously shedding Sharperrier (Shar Pei + Terrier mix)!

  • Brush daily. Depending on your dog’s coat (Harvey’s is as thick and dense as they come), I tend to brush him every day or every other day to keep his shedding to a minimum and his locks untangled.
  • Find the best tools. For a while, I just used whatever dog brush I found at my local pet store…that is until I was introduced to the Dyson Groom Tool. Game changer! I’d definitely test using the vacuum around your dog first before getting this tool, and if they don’t have an averse reaction, let the Dyson Groom Tool work it’s magic on your shaggy dog.
  • Leave it to the professionals. I thought it might be quick and simple to trim my pup’s locks one day, until I created an uneven shag that left Harvey looking like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. Leave the snipping to the professionals!
  • Keep their coat looking fresh. A regular bath is an easy way to keep your dog’s coat fresh, healthy and hydrated and may help reduce shedding. Consult with your vet on what a good bathing routine is for your dog.
  • Grin and bear it. Unfortunately shedding is, sometimes, an uncontrollable part of dog-ownership. If you don’t think the shagging is due to a health issue, then let it go and deal with it the best you can. Don’t let your pup feel bad for their shaggier nature. Gotta love them regardless, just as they do with you.


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