Human/House/Harvey: Library

Human House Harvey: Library
For many years, I dreamt of working in an elementary school library, assisting students with their research and finding the perfect book to take home for the weekend. There was just something about the library environment, surrounded by shelves of books, that made me feel at ease and extremely comfortable. While I never pursued that path, I still can’t help but seek out libraries and bookstores during times of stress for a dose of zen. So today I’ve decided to gather up some of my favorite library-themed items. –Stephanie

HUMAN – I’m loving Kate Spade’s bookish/library-inspired collection for this fall, including this library card iPhone case.

HOUSE – I was simply smitten when I came across these quirky metal bookend vignettes by Knob Creek Metal Arts. I especially love this noshing giraffe one.

HARVEY – So this book isn’t necessarily for your pup to enjoy, but I though it might be interesting to flip through the pages together and reminisce on the toys of dogs’ past. It’s just a hilarious look at the relationship between pooch and playthings captured through the lens of photographers Arne Svenson and Ron Warren.


If you’re looking for some more amazing dog photography books (as I always am), here are a few more I recommend:

Human House Harvey: Library

DOGS by Tim Flach

Mutts by Sharon Montrose

Shake by Carli Davidson

The Silence of Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne

The French Dog by Rachael Hale McKenna


P.S. By now you may have realized that I’m a little bit a lot of bit dog crazy, so it may not come as a surprise to you that I’ve decided to launch a fun pop-up traveling dog photography studio! Yep, it’s time for your pup’s closeup! I’m having the first event in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, Nov. 16 (find more details on how to get your FREE tickets here!) and I’d love to see you there!

Stay tuned for the announcement of more locations around the US…and maybe the world…in 2014!!


That Chewed book looks hilarious! I am a proud owner of the world’s largest Chihuahua (he is not fat, he is just big. Y’know, like a real dog…lol) I can totally relate to the one eye rabbits in the book…. we have one eyed mice, bunnies, lions etc etc. What a great find!


Oh Stephanie. You are a woman after my own heart. I have so many good memories of the school library. It’s like a great big treasure trove of knowledge and stories. (I’m also, I’ll add, very appreciative of your love for canines. Yay!)


I LOVE Martin Usborne’s series. Such stunning photos of lovely pups. I hope to get a dog…one day! I just don’t have the space for one now.


I just love the Human/House/Harvey posts! I also am a big-time dog enthusiast and LOVE the idea of your pup-up photography studio! I just subscribed to your mailing list :)


Thanks so much for the support Casey! I love rounding up these fun items each week!


Going to the school library is definitely a favorite memory of mine too. I think many can relate.


Trying to make the dream a reality, one silly pup portrait at a time. Hope you can join us at one of our locations :)