Happy Hanukkah


Hanukkah is early, early, early this year. (I hope you have your Menurkey ready to go!)  If you’d like to forgo the Thanksgiving decorations and stick to a more traditional Hanukkah colors for the Festival of Lights, here are some few ideas.  The blue and white color scheme of Hanukkah was taken from the colors of the Israeli flag. The flag’s blue stripes symbolize those found on tallits –  traditional Jewish prayer shawls. Eat up those latkes.  -Amy

Image above: 1. Happy Hanukkah garland $15.95 | 2. The Jewish Museum Lights of Hanukkah platter $45 | 3. Latke server $5.95 | 4. star of david napkins $4.95 | 5. dreidel $28 | 6. menorah cookie cutter $13.90 | 7. dash drink glass $3.9

Image above: Port-A-Menorah $12.95

Image above: mazel good things tote $15

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Image above: hanukkah $4.95

Image above: garland $35

Image above: Hanukkah plates $8.99

Image above: Star of David plates $46


Appreciate the Chanukah post! FYI, being a Hebrew word, the plural of “tallit” is actually”tallitot” (or “talleisim” if you’re going with the Yiddish).


finally, some nice hannukah decorations for a change! so often they’re bland and tasteless. thanks designsponge for highlighting this because it’s about time!

(i think the worst is the menorah made out of a 2×4 and washers in martha stewart’s holiday crafts book. you can just sense how they got tired and gave up after doing all those great christmas crafts).

Norie from pritee penee.

This is a really beautiful collection! Even though I don’t celebrate Hanukah I would definitely use these for my christmas themed decor.


Thanks for putting this together. I truly appreciate it. LOVE the Latke server, too!


I bought a beautiful Jonathan Adler menorah thanks to a feature in DS a couple of years ago (last year?). Love your roundups, as usual!


Thank- you for the Chanukah post. There is a whole world of people who love your site and also happen to celebrate the Jewish Holidays. Many of our holidays lend themselves to special foods and decor. As I write I am thinking about how to combine these 2 wonderful holidays for my family. But I will say that I am thankful for the d*s site as it always gives my day a bright spot !