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Today is Thanksgiving here in America and, as such, many of us will find ourselves sitting around the dining room table in a few hours, surrounded by family. Although the purpose of this annual holiday is to, as its name states, give thanks, this meaning can often get lost on the wayside between mountains of stuffing, the stress of travel, and making sure the turkey doesn’t set the house aflame. Because of this, we thought it would be wonderful to pause for a moment to really think about that which we are truly thankful for and pen thank you notes to the people and things that give our lives happiness and meaning. We asked our readers and Instagram friends to submit their own, as well. Above, you will find the Design*Sponge team’s thank you notes and, after the jump, some of our favorite submissions from Instagram. Have a wonderful, warm, and happy Thanksgiving, everybody—and don’t forget to give thanks! —Max




























All the images are so heart warming! Happy thanksgiving day!


Louise from

These are just lovely! I’m in Ireland, we don’t have Thanksgiving and it’s easy to get the from-a-distance impression that it’s just all about turkey, so these are a nice reminder of what’s really at the heart of it.

(On a related note, I’ve always loved how DS Sneak Peeks have pictures of “What I love about my home…” written messages, which presumably inspired the call for these pictures too)


These are awesome. We don’t have Thanksgiving in France (obviously), but I wish we had a holiday of some sort to feel thankful for something. It’s just such a wonderful feeling !

Elizabeth W

I am thankful for everything that’s been, because it’s made me what I am today, and I am thankful for all the wonderful possibilities still ahead! Oh, and of course, family and friends, who are all unique and special in their own sweet way.
And thank you to all of you at Design*Sponge!


@misspotterphd’s moved me. As a daughter and as a mother. Thanks.

D*S thank you for reawakening me to my creative self 5 years ago after being cramped in a job and school that killed all of that inside of me! Now I am redesigning (or designing rather, since i don’t think it ever has been) a women and children’s shelter in Chicago with 13 rooms and giving friends and businesses the chance to become involved in giving them a space to feel safe and be healed and dream again. We all have legacies we know nothing about. Xo.

Katie (@misspotterphd)

Thanks for your affirmation, Mahasitha and Jamie. My family has been going through a difficult period of loss, and my mom tells me that this project really encouraged her. I’m glad you enjoyed it too.

Contests like this are a great idea, DesignSponge. I’d love to see winning posts in future IG contests posted to the feed itself. Thanks so much for choosing my photo!

Katie (@misspotterphd)