Font Alphabet Puzzle

One of my fondest childhood memories is playing with letter magnets on my grandparents’ fridge. Both sets of my grandparents had them, and they always remind me of sitting on the floor and playing while the rest of my family cooked around me. Few memories are sweeter than that, so I will always have a soft spot for those brightly colored alphabet toys. I hadn’t thought about them much since then, but when these beautiful modern versions popped into my email, I smiled. Designed by Looodus, these modern Alphabet Puzzles are great for big and little kids alike. Based in Milan, Looodus has each set laser cut in Piedmonte and then sells them in sets that are both magnetized and plain. I love the colorful sets, but the un-painted ply is lovely, too. Click here to check them out and order online at Etsy. Thanks, Kurt! xo, grace



I don’t want to denigrate good design and artisanal production, because I really like that
And would buy it for my young children – but the price, what??? I can’t decide what number I would consider reasonable though. Genuinely interested in how value is assigned to products like this.

eRin @ Growing Up Senge

The colorful ones are gorgeous, but they are $250!! That’s insane! I couldn’t find dimensions, but it can’t be more than 18″, right?? I love the description:

“The concept for the Puzzle, like many of Looodus’ products, are born from observation of the designer’s baby daughter and the real life experience of being a first time parent.”

I guess their real-life experience as a first-time parent includes forking over the ridiculous amounts of money charged for minimalist and design-y baby products…


Oh, these are really lovely. I’ve been trying to decide what to get my boss for her babies and these could be perfect.


Hi all,
Its not often one gets to interact with an audience as a designer, and as the producer and designer of the Puzzle, I would like to say that the price is unfortunatly quite high. Our intention was never to produce something that might be inhibative for some, but as we went through the production process and working so closely with the team of artisan, we soon realised two things. that we had a real gem of a product and that the cost of manufacturing in Italy, in small numbers, means that the product becomes very costly. We have the pieces on sale on Etsy to meet the end user half way, the retail price is as one would expect higher. All I can do is assure you that the piece is made with pride and love, we have produced only 45 sets, in a production cycle of about 40 days. there are five colours per set and 28 individual pieces. The size is an A3 or 42cm x 29.7cm, and they come packaged in a custom made loodus box.
Our experience as first time parents is just like many others, a big risk and very costly, but we chose to go to market with a piece that we are proud of and hope you can all appreciate the effort and work that goes into creating something like this.
Grazie, kurt stapelfledt