Flower Glossary: Tulip

designsponge flower glossary tulip
Additional Information about the Tulip:

  • Full Name: Tulipa
  • Growing details: Tulips bloom in the spring and do best in areas with dry summers and cold winters. Bulbs should be planted in the fall, before the first frost. More details on growing here.
  • Varieties: There are countless varieties of Tulips, but the most common we see in arrangements today are a standard, parrot, double bloom and fringed tulip. Here are more photographs of types you can consider for growing or including in arrangements.
  • Size: The average tulip plant can range from 4 to 27 inches in height.
  • Cost Tulip bulbs range from $5- $7 a piece, depending on type. At one point in history, tulips cost more than a house! Read here for the full story on the tulip mania and crash of the mid 17th century.

Photograph by Maxwell Tielman

miranda babbitt

Ak! This post just instilled an, “Ak!” in me! What a charming idea. These flower glossaries are the type of thing I want to print every one out of and put it on my wall. Everybody needs to be in on their flowah knowledge.


I love all tulips, they are spring, my birthday and fun all rolled into one. When they start to be nearly done their petals are awesome, like this photo.


Hehe, I am greatly enjoying this “American Pronunciation Guide” :D

As a British person speaking Estuary English, I would say “tyoo-lip” :D

melita podesta

Can you tell me what camera/lens/settings you used to shoot this? LOVE it.