Fighting For Hope: Chrissy Beckles and The Sato Project Step Into The Ring For Man’s Best Friend

by Maxwell Tielman


Chrissy Beckles can throw quite a punch, both figuratively and literally. When I first met her, at a pet event in Brooklyn, I was immediately drawn in by her powerful intensity and infectious passion for what she does. She is the founder of The Sato Project, a rescue group that saves gravely injured and endangered dogs from the so-called “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico. From just a brief meeting with Chrissy, it was apparent the extent to which she is willing to fight for her dogs. Standing alongside her was Hope, a small white dog who stood somewhat shakily on healing legs. Found as a puppy, Hope may have seemed to most people like a lost cause— the back portion of her body had been literally shattered and she was abandoned to die on Dead Dog Beach. Undeterred and fueled by an undying drive to set things right, Chrissy took Hope in and worked with her to a full recovery. Today, thanks to Chrissy’s tireless work, Hope has found a warm and loving home with our very own Grace Bonney. From Samlee, the blind puppy that was left to die in the heat to Pirata, who was found with a broken diaphragm and damaged organs, Chrissy’s stories about the dogs she has found are both utterly heartbreaking and endlessly inspiring.


In addition to fighting valiantly for her rescues, Chrissy also “fights” in a more traditional sense—in the boxing ring as a champion amateur boxer. On Saturday, November 16th, Chrissy, along with Grace Baley  and Anjali Lewis, will be stepping into the ring at Brooklyn’s legendary Gleason’s Gym as part of  the Fighters 4 Life charity event. “We are about to enter our busiest rescue period of the year,” Chrissy says. “Thanksgiving through to January is prime dumping season on Dead Dog Beach and we want to ensure that NO dog is left behind because of lack of funding to rescue them.”  Tickets are $25 and are available from meryl@thesatoproject.com. If you cannot be there but would like to sponsor Chrissy, please do so here. Come down to DUMBO to support them as they fight so that Puerto Rico’s dogs don’t have to. —Max

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  • I told myself I could watch that video at work and be totally fine. I lied.

    P.S. Congrats to Grace on adopting Hope!

  • As the founder and producer of an animal fundraising event I know what kind of dedication Chrissy and people like her have and it’s always so special for me to read about the good work that’s being done for our most precious furry loves. I had no idea that your dear Hope was a survivor – lucky, lucky girl. xo

  • this is the best thing i’ve read all day! i’m so glad there are kind-hearted people caring for these precious pups. what an amazing program-thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I am going to donate money to this cause in memory of a cherished loved one who passed suddenly a month ago. What a loving tribute, and I know it would have meant a lot to him. Thank God Chrissy has found ways to help save these abandoned dogs and relieve their needless suffering.

  • God bless you and all you do for these wonderful animals. All are worth saving a million times over.