Caru Skincare

I’m an obsessive skincare fan. Every year I find myself on a new hunt for a better lotion, game-changing mask or some serum that makes my skin feel cleaner and fresher. I’m not sure if it’s just my inner control-freak or another calling to be an aesthetician, but I can’t get enough when it comes to great skincare lines. So…when my love of design and skincare can overlap, I’m inordinately excited.

Caru Skincare is a beautiful line based in NYC. Using organic ingredients, they create some of the gentlest- and most beautiful- products on the market. I try a new moisturizer or serum practically every week (see: obsessed) so I feel experienced enough to say that this is one of the softest and lightest around. And the packaging- designed by Laura Shim- is so lovely (and is embedded with seeds you can plant!). I end up leaving a lot of my facial products out on my bathroom counter because I use them so frequently, so I value something that both works well and looks beautiful. You can check out Caru Skincare at this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn or view their full collection and order online right here. xo, grace


i LOVE hearing about new skincare lines especially if they’re organic and local. definitely going to check them out!

Zandra Zuraw

Thanks, Grace! I turned 40 two years ago (ok…it’s almost 3 years ago) and I decided it was high time I stopped buying whatever was on sale at CVS and to treat myself to something a little more special. Since then, I’ve become obsessed, like you. My skin gets overly dry in winter (nothing special there, right?) but I’m scared of using moisturizer that will make me break out. I trust your review of this one, though and I’m going to check it out. Especially since the packaging is so tempting! I totally agree with you that that really matters!

Fashioned by love

Looks and sounds wonderful! I’m a huge fan (and user) of organic skin care, so it’s nice to discover another brand that ticks every box for me. Thank you for the introduction! x


These are beautiful! Might I recommend an incredible line of products from Colorado called Osmia Organics. It has truly changed my life! Organic ingredients made by a doctor. The face serums and soaps are so hydrating. My skin has never looked better. Her body soaps are pure and super moisturizing and they come in scents like Cedar, Milky Rose and Vetiver Grey.


Beautiful packaging. I have only ever treated myself to one or two pricier products and I have to say I have been underwhelmed with the results. I have to share my recent discovery, though…it’s natural, widely available, cheap and does the job of facial wash/cleanser, eye makeup remover AND moisturiser in one… Olive Oil. I just massage some into my skin and leave it on while I brush my teeth etc, then I rub it gently to remove my eye makeup (which works a treat) and finally wipe away with a hot face cloth. It leaves your skin looking bright and feeling hydrated so no need for any extra moisturiser. And I guess you could put it in any pretty bottle you liked!


i found this company through the LIC flea a few weeks ago. love their soap.


I have oily skin and love the French Green Clay soap by Caru. Been using is for about six months now. And the seed paper is such a unique bonus–makes a great gift. :)