After the Jump: Interview with Lyndsey Drago of Billy Wolf (MP3)

For this week’s radio show, I was thrilled to take a break from home design- and human design, for that matter- to speak with the creator of my favorite line of dog designs: Lyndsey Drago of Billy Wolf. I never thought I’d be a dog owner, but ever since adopting Hope, I’ve been happier than I even knew I could be and I’ve been buying little treats and accessories for her like crazy. One day at the vet, I asked Hope’s doctor if a coat was necessary when the temperatures started to drop and she told me that some breeds (especially smaller dogs or dogs with short hair) need extra warmth if they’re outside walking in super-cold temperatures. I took that as a literal doctor’s permission slip to give into my crazy side and buy Hope a few coats for sub-30 degree days. The first and only brand of coats I’ve gone back to over and over is Billy Wolf. Made from found, vintage and deadstock fabrics, Billy Wolf coats are chic enough to be worn by humans and functional enough to grow with your dog and keep them warm without getting in their way. I was thrilled when Billy Wolf’s founder agreed to come into the city to talk with me on the show, so I hope you’ll enjoy her insight into designing for pets as much as I did. Thanks to Lyndsey (and her dog!) for making the trek from Montauk to Brooklyn for the show! [You can meet Lyndsey and check out her designs at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Renegade Craft Fair over the next few weeks!] xo, grace

“I think the best way to make eco-friendly products is to make quality products that will last. It’s not something that you’re going to throw away.” [8:45]

“I want people to get something for their dog that they would want for themselves.” [25:35]
-Lyndsey Drago on After the Jump

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My dog, Hektor, gets really chilly when temperatures drop. I recently got him a Billy Wolf coat, which he wore in every scene we shot of an entry video for Fjallraven Polar. I sent the video to all my family/friends, hoping for their votes…and the #1 comment i got back was “where did Hektor get that cute coat?” Sigh. I suppose I can live with Hektor getting all the attention :)

Here’s the video, starring my favorite snaggletooth in Billy Wolf: