12 Beautiful Serving Dishes, Bowls and Stands

ds serving bowls
Yesterday I rounded up some serving trays and platters that would work for the holidays as well as any other special occasion (I like to invest in things I can use year-round), so today I wanted to keep the serving hunt going with some great dishes, bowls and stands. I find I use bowls for just about everything- even when a flat plate would suffice. There’s just something nice about a beautiful- but casual- pile of fresh salad or bread tossed in a big bowl. And if serving isn’t your thing, you can always fill these with cereal for a seriously indulgent start to your morning. xo, grace

More bowls, dishes and stands after the jump!

Image above, clockwise from top left: Large Rustic Shallow Serving Bowl $115, Studio Sessions Bowl $28, Mid-Century Bowls $5-$39, Louvre Pedestal $375, Large Pebble Serving Bowl in Blue $135

Image above: Dotted Rim Serving Bowl $36

Image above: Hampstead Boat Platter $28

Image above: Pinch Bowls $5-$15

Image above: Mallorca Medium Serving Bowl $29.95

Image above: Julia Paul Serving Bowl $180

Image above: Nesting Cloud Bowls- set of 3 $160

Image above: Large Hermit Bowl $60

Image above: Abbesses Stand $60

Image above: Mercury Glass Bowl $24


the mercury glass bowl states “for decorative use only.” beautiful but not for food.

Renee Ozer

Thanks! I’ve been looking for a plain-but-not-too-plain trifle dish, and the dotted rim serving dish is perfect. (But my heart belongs to that Louvre Pedestal.)


I am struggling to understand the pricing of the Frances Palmer piece.
There are so many amazing potters at our finger tips these days with work of equal beauty at much more realistic prices.

Grace Bonney

eva + sarah

sorry i didn’t catch that :(

here are a few more to make up for that mix up:







The pale blue Mud serving bowl in the montage (bottom left) is a fantastic piece. I have a few in different colours and sizes, to mix them up. The whole range is beautiful, but this bowl is especially versatile because they’re big and shallow (I use them as cheese plates as well as serving bowls) and best of all, they look delicate but can actually go in the dishwasher. A winner all round.

Chris Woakes

The white colored plate stand is so attractive that it can change the complete decor of the room and the price of it is also reasonable so that it can be afforded by all. good collection.