10 Second How-To: Tying Handheld Flower Arrangements

All this week, we’ve been sharing peeks into our special Design*Sponge fall wedding, so it seemed an opportune time to share a quick floral technique, perfect for use in a bridal bouquet. With the help of Juliet Totten and Sierra Yaun from Poppies & Posies, our second installment of 10 Second How-Tos shows how to bind a handheld bouquet three easy ways—with tape, a rubber band, or a zip tie. The rubber band technique, used by florists the world over, is particularly genius—simply loop a rubber band over one flower stem in your bouquet, wrap it around the entire bunch and then, when fully wrapped, loop the loose end back onto a single stem. Presto! All that’s left to do is add a beautiful ribbon and you’re all set! —Max


Amazing video and people can easily make flower arrangements so nicely and quickly by watching this video.